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The following information is to be given in the information Brochure besides being hosted on the institution’s office


“The information has been provided by the concerned institution and the onus of authenticity lies with the



I. Name of the Institution                               COLLEGE OF ART

   Address including telephone,                         20-22, Tilak Marg, New Delhi-110001.

  Telephone:                                                   23383612/23387485/ 23387571                                                               


   Fax, E-mail                                                    Fax: 23386337        E-mail: prcoa.delhi@nic.in    



II. Name & Address of the Director                PROF. S. N. LAHIRI, Principal



III. Name of the Affiliating University             University of Delhi, Delhi



IV. Governance                                                 Govt. of NCT of Delhi



V. Members of Academic Advisory Body:     Dr. Anupam Mahajan, Dean, Faculty of Music & Fine Art,

                                                                           University of Delhi, Delhi.  ---   Chairperson

                                                                           Dr.Naval Kishor Rajdhani College,

                                                                           University of Delhi, Delhi.   ---   Academic Council)

                                                                           nominated Member.

                                                                            HOD’s of the Departments of Painting, Sculpture and

                                                                      Applied Art, Printmaking,Visual Communication and Art History  College of Art, New Delhi. ---  Members

                                                                           Principal,College of Art,New Delhi---Member-Secretary.



VI. Frequency of the Board Meetings and

      Academic Advisory Body:                        On an annual basis, in the month of February.











--  2  --


VII. Organizational Chart and processes: 


                                                                ADMINISTRATION   ( GOVT. OF NCT OF DELHI)


                                                                Principal Secretary   (Deptt of Training & Technical Education)

                                                                Additional Secretary  (                   - do -                                   )           

                                                                Joint Secretary          (                      - do -                                   )       

                                                                Principal                     ( College of Art, New Delhi )

                                                                ( and Administration Officer, Office Supdt, Asstt.Accounts

                                                                Officer, Stores Supdt, Office Asstts, Academic Asstts, Asstt

                                                                Librarian, PA’s, Steno-typists, UDCs, LDCs, Typist-Clerks etc)


                                                                ACADEMICS (University of Delhi)


                                                                Dean, Faculty of Music & Fine Art, Delhi University, Delhi.

                                                                Nominated Members ( by Vice-Chancellor and the Academic

                                                                Council, University of Delhi, Delhi)

                                                                Principal, College of Art, New Delhi.

                                                                HODs, the Teaching Faculty, Supporting Staff etc.



VIII. Nature and Extent of involvement of faculty in academic affairs/Improvements:


                                                               The Syllabus, Curriculum, the Scheme of Examinations, the

                                                                Interaction with the DU appointed Academic Board of Studies,

                                                                are areas which are constantly reviewed and improvements

                                                                facilitated at all necessary levels.



IX. Mechanism/Norms & Procedure for democratic/good Governance:


                                                               The democratic and transparent nature in dealing with issues

                                                               that arise very rarely with regard to admn. or academic work,

                                                               have till date been settled with the joint counseling of the

                                                               faculty, staff and students.


X. Student Feedback on Institutional Governance/faculty performance:


                                                               All issues/ observations/ suggestions of the concerned are

                                                               given due consideration and looked into, and where ever

                                                               necessary, steps of appropriate nature adopted in the smooth

                                                               functioning of the institution.



XI. Grievance redressal mechanism for faculty, staff and students:


                                                              According to the prescribed norms, all issues pertaining to

                                                              grievance redressal for faculty, staff and students are acted

                                                              upon immediately for quick and positively effective results.




--  3  --




I)             Name of the Courses approved by the AICTE:


BACHELOR OF FINE ART          -------       PAINTING

BACHELOR OF FINE ART          -------       SCULPTURE

BACHELOR OF FINE ART          -------       APPLIED ART


BACHELOR OF FINE ART          -------       ART HISTORY                    

BACHELOR OF FINE ART          -------       PRINT MAKING                

BACHELOR OF FINE ART          -------       VISUAL



MASTER OF FINE ART               -------       PAINTING

MASTER OF FINE ART               -------       SCULPTURE

MASTER OF FINE ART               -------       APPLIED ART


MASTER OF FINE ART              -------       PRINT MAKING

MASTER  OF FINE ART             ------        VISUAL                                 




                 Cut off mark for admission during the last 2 years:  


                            With the eligibility of a pass in 10+2 with 50% and above marks for applying to the

                            Four year BFA Courses, the admission is on the basis of merit in the performance

                            In the Aptitude Test conducted by the College, and, on the basis of merit in the

                            Viva-Voce of prospective candidates before the Jury  nominated by the University

                            Of Delhi, for admission to the Two year MFA Courses


II)            Name of the Programmes accredited by the AICTE


Name of Course                                Period of Validity


                  - na -


III)           For each Programme the following details are to be given: FOR ACADEMIC SESSION


                  Name                   :  BFA  

                 Number of seats : Painting             -           40

                                              Sculpture           -           15 

                                              Applied Art         -            80

                                               Art History        -            20    

                                              PrintMaking       -            20

                                              Visual Communication - 20

                                                ( 5 seats for Deaf & Dumb students and  11 seats for Foreign    Nationals and additional seats for OBC students as per Govt. order.)


                  Duration:               Four Years


                  Name:                   MFA

                  Number of seats:   Painting                             -     10 

                                                 Sculpture                           -    10 

                                                 Applied Art                         -    10

                                                 Print Making                       -    10       

                                             Visual Communication          -    10


                                                ( 5 seats for Deaf & Dumb students and additional seats 

                                                   for OBC students as per Govt. order)






-- 4 --



  Cut off mark/rank for admission during the last three years:


                   …as per merit for performance in the Aptitude Test for BFA and Viva-Voce for MFA Courses.



                   Fee:                           …please see attached Compliance Report at Page - 15


                   Placement Facilities: …Please see attached Compliance Report at Page – 10 , S.No. 15 II)



IV)          Name and duration of programme(s) having affiliation/collaboration with Foreign University(s) and be with status of AICTE approval:


- NA -



V)           FACULTY:

                Number of faculty members         

·            Permanent faculty

·            Visiting faculty                                        ….Please see attached - Annexure - 2

·            Contract faculty

·            Guest faculty

·            Permanent Faculty : Student Ratio 



VI)          Number of faculty employed and left during the last three years


Year                                    No. of Faculty members

                                            Employed                        Left (including retired/expired)


      a)          2008                                    Lecturer                            Retired

      b)          2008                                    Asstt. Professor                 Resigned          



      i)          2006                                    Asstt.Professor                  Employed

     ii)          2006                                     Lecturer                             Employed

     iii)         2006                                     Lecturer                             Employed

     iv)         2007                                    Asstt. Professor (02)          Employed













-- 5  --





1.    Name:                                             Prof. SOUMENDRA NATH LAHIRI



2.    Date of Birth:                                  01.01.1955



3.    Educational Qualification:    (i) Bachelor of Fine Art, Appplied Art from Faculty of      Visual  Art B.H.U. Varanasi

                                                        (ii)  Master of Fine Art,Applied Art, from  Faculty of Visual Art, B.H.U   Varanasi.



4.    Work Experience:                        37 years Experience of teaching and professional



5.    Area of Specialization:                Fine Art and Visual Art



6.    Subjects Teaching                        Applied Art


7.    Research Guidance       (i) Four Students have been awarded of Doctor of  Philosophy and four students are pursuing Doctor of Philosophy under my guidance.

                                                      (ii)   Guidance MFA Students report & dissertation



8.    Technology Transfer          Teaching with Audio-Visual Aids and Communication Technique.




9.    Research Publications           (i)   Participation in Group Art Exhibition at National       

                                                             and International levels.

                                                       (ii) Published several articles in reputed Journals and Newspapers.

(iii)   invited as an artist in Residency National and            International levels.







--  6  --



8.    Technology Transfer:      …….na…..




9.    Research Publications:   ……nil….




PROFILE OF EACH FACULTY MEMBER:           please see attached - Annexure - 3





1.    Details of Fee                                                 - please see attached Mandatory Disclosure page - 15



2.    Time schedule for payment of fee for the entire program                    - do-


3.    No. of Fee waivers granted with amount and name of students -  44 students (list attached


                                                                                                                                           Annexure - 4)


4.    Number of scholarship offered by the institute, duration and amount   BFA Merit Scholarship

                                                                                                                              09 students


                                                                                                                              Scholarship – Nil

                                                                                                                              MFA-Stipend for 18

                                                                                                                              Months @ Rs600/- per

                                                                                                                             Students admitted with

                                                                                                                             1st Div marks in the last

                                                                                                                             qualifying examination.


5.    Criteria for fee waivers/scholarship            Information as in the attached BFA Prospectus – page

                                                                                – 62



6.    Estimated cost of Boarding and Lodging in Hostels                      -  na -





·         Number of seats sanctioned with the year of approval:  BFA =  195 +5*+11** seats

(2011-12)                                            additional seats for OBC students as per Govt. order)


                                                                                                          MFA = 50 + 5* seats

                                                                           additional seats for  OBC students as per Govt. order)


* for Deaf & Dumb only

** for Foreign National only                                                                                                         





--  7  --


·         Number of students admitted under various categories each year in the last three years:


Academic Yr      Course          General            SC      ST      A/F        P/H       F/N        J&K             Total


2007-08               BFA                    96               20       10        06        03         02             --              137

                MFA                    21               06       01        02        --           --              --                30

                 DFA                    02               --        --         --          --            --              --               02

                          PGDFA                  02                --        --         --         --            --              --               02


2008-09               BFA                     92               20       08        04        02         04             --              130 +5*

                MFA                     18               06       02        03        01          --              --                30 +2*

                 DFA                    02               --         --         --          --            --              --               02

                        PGDFA                  --                   --         --         --         --             --              --                 --


* 07 OBC students were admitted in compliance to High Court Order.


2009-10               BFA                    130             23       11        07        02         07              --              180 +9*

                MFA                      35             08       02        03        --            --               --               48 +5*

                 DFA                    04               --         --         --          --            --              --               04

              PGDFA                  02               --         --         --         --             --              --               02


* OBC students were admitted in compliance to Govt. of NCT of Delhi Direction.





Students seeking admission to the Courses in the College must apply on the prescribed Form available along with the Prospectus from the Academic Cell of the College on payment of Rs.500/- for General Category/ (Rs.250/- for SC/ST and PH/D&D) in cash or by a crossed Indian Postal Order payable to the D.D.O., College of Art, New Delhi, at New Delhi. Cheques, Bank Drafts and Money Orders are not accepted. Request for Application Form through Post should be accompanied with the said IPO along with a self-addressed envelop of size 12”x10” affixed with postage stamps worth Rs.100/-


The candidates can also download the Application Form from the College Website and submit the same along with the requisite cash payment / crossed IPO and enclosures on or before the stipulated last date.




·         Describe each criteria with its respective weightages

i.e Admission Test, marks in qualifying examination etc.


a)     Candidates seeking admission to the BFA Degree Course must have passed the SSCE  (12 Year Course) of the CBSE, New Delhi, with 50% or more marks in aggregate of 5 subjects, or an examination considered equivalent. Concession of 05% marks in the minimum eligibility requirement is allowed to candidates who have taken Fine Arts, ie., Painting, Sculpture or Applied Arts Printmaking, Visual Communication or Art History as one of the subjects in their qualifying examination, for SC/ST candidates, for widows and/or children of Armed Personnel/ Para-military Forces and for Physically Challenged candidates.


                                      Candidate with Compartment result are not eligible to apply.  





--  8  --


b)    Candidates seeking admission to the MFA Course  must have passed the BFA Degree in the relevant Specialization of four year duration after 10+2 offered by the University of Delhi or an examination recognized equivalent thereto with 50% or more marks in the aggregate. Concession of 05% marks in the minimum eligibility requirement is allowed as in BFA.


·         Mention the minimum level of acceptance, if any:

                                Merit of the individuals’ performance in the Aptitude Test conducted by the College

                                     for admission to BFA Course and in the viva-voce conducted by a Jury appointed

                                      by the University of Delhi for admission to the MFA Courses.


·         Mention the cut-off levels of percentage & percentile scores of the candidates in the admission test for the last three years:




·         Display marks scored in Test etc and in aggregate for all candidates who were admitted:----attached Annexure - 5






List of Applicants:                            for academic Session – 2009-10  - Annexure – 7




Results of Admission under Management Seats/Vacant Seats:          -NA-









LIBRARY:        The Library of the College is accommodated in an area of 241.38 sq. m. It has an

                          Extensive collection of approximately 17000 books on Fine Art, Applied Art,

                        History of Art, Aesthetics, Methods & Materials, Sanskrit, Visual communication  Fiction in languages such as Hindi, English, Urdu, Bengali etc, leading Newspapers in English and Hindi, Periodicals (National and from abroad), a vast collection of Encyclopedias etc.

                         The Library Reading Room is open for the use of all Staff and Students of the

                         College on all working days. All the students, including those from the Non-

                         Collegiate stream, are eligible to become members of the lending section of the

                         Library and avail of it facilities according to the prescribed rules. With an annual

                         Budget of Rs.4 lakhs, the collection of books is becoming significant and worthy.







--  9  --




                         In addition to the main subjects, as per the curriculum, substantial Workshop/

                         Lab facilities in the following as optional subjects supportive of the training

                         Program in the three Specializations are available:


·         Photography

·         Etching

·         Lithography

·         Silkscreen

·         Ceramics

·         Offset Printing

·         Metal Casting /Wood-Stone Carving

·         Assemblage

·         Mural

·         Weaving




·         With the view to encourage students in all extra-curricular and cultural activities, besides their participation in Literary/ Music/Dance/Drama programs, the College also organizes the

Following events:



INDUCTION CEREMONY:  As per given schedule, this ceremony is held each year in July before the beginning of the new academic session wherein the newly admitted students of BFA and MFA are welcomed, along with their parents, and introduced for interaction with the Faculty and Staff.



SEMINAR-cum-WORKSHOP: “Samhita”, the annual Seminar-cum-Workshop of a week’s duration

Is organized each academic year in the month of September. Five final year students from

14 to 16 established art colleges in the country are invited to participate, work and interact with the students and faculty of the college, invited eminent artists and experts in the field. A

‘ most awaited for ‘ event for which the students involve themselves in  looking after all aspects of comfort of the invited students, including their boarding and lodging in the college, escorting them to

Museums, Art Galleries, their work in the various departments, arranging the inauguration and closing ceremonies of the event etc.




CONVOCATION for the students of BFA and MFA Courses who have passed the Final Exams

The previous academic year is held in the month of November. Eminent personalities in the fields of Fine Art, Music, Performing Arts etc are invited to deliver the Convocation Address each year, including some as Guests of Honour who give away the Degrees to the graduates. The solemnity of the event is enhanced with the students participating in the singing of the Vandana, organizing an exhibition of the work of the degree receiving students prior to the Convocation ceremony, welcoming the honored guests, parents of the students, arranging the refreshments etc.





--  10  --


EDUCATIONAL TOUR:  Educational Tours in two groups to places of historical, cultural and artistic importance in the country for the duration of around 12 to 16 days are organized and partly subsidized by the College. It is compulsory for the 3rd Year Specialization classes of the six Departments and is conducted during December-January of the on-going academic session.


SPORTS:    The College provides facilities for sport such as Table Tennis, Badminton, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Yoga along with amenities of fully equipped Gymnasium. Inter-class tournaments are held annually and students also participate in Inter-college tournaments organized by the University of Delhi. The Sports Day of the College is held during the third Term of the academic session in the month of February, mostly at the Karnail Singh Stadium in New Delhi that is booked well in advance for the purpose.


COLLEGE MAGAZINE:  In order to stimulate creative thinking amongst students and to inculcate in them the habit of expression, which they so expertly do as visual artists, in the form of writing. “Impressions”, is the title of the college annual magazine which carries articles contributed by the Staff members and the students, which besides research of art and history, also include their expressions of the annual events of the college, on human relationships, poetry, and excerpts from outstanding thesis that have been submitted by the Masters students.




Number of Class-rooms and size of each

Number of Tutorial rooms and size of each        --  as given below under the common heading

Number of Drawing halls and size of each                  as STUDIOS  --




 Sculpture        i)       18.15x12.24 = 222.15 sq.m.    Gr.Fl

                          ii)      15.1 x12.24 = 184.82 sq.m.    Gr.Fl.



 Painting           i)       9.04 x 18.21 = 164.61 sq.m.   F . Fl.

                          ii)      12.15x 12.025 = 146.10 sq.m.

                               iii)      9.01x  12.15 = 109.47 sq.m.

                               iv)      9.09 x 9   =  81.81

                        5.96 x 9  =  50.4      132.21 sq.m.    MFA  F.Fl.

                        v)       5.93 x 12.18 = 72.22  sq.m.   MFA F.Fl.

                        vi)      9.15 x 12.13 = 110.5  sq.m.

                                  12.11 x 9.08  =  109.95 sq.m.

                                  3.12 x 9.085=  28.34  sq.m. (store attached Studio)


Applied Art      i)      9.01 x 1.15 = 109.47 sq.m.  S.Fl.

                         ii)     12.02 x 12.15 = 146.04 sq.m.

                        iii)      9.04 x 19.175 = 173.34 sq.m.

                         iv)     8.975 x 13.18 = 118.29 sq.m.

                          v     12 .20 x 13.18 = 160.80 sq.m.

                         vi)    12.08 x 13.18  = 159.28 sq.m.

                        vii)    15.51 x 9.085 = 141.00  sq.m.

                       viii)    12.085 x 11.85 = 143.27 sq.m.




--  11  --


Foundation Sec. 

                               i)      9.01 x 12.15  =  109.47 sq.m.

                               II)      12.02 x12.15  = 146.04  sq.m.



Studio/MFA Applied Art:   

                                i)   21.51 x 7.51 =  161.54  sq.m.

                               ii)   25.87 sq.m. (Faculty Rooms area)



Multi-Storey Block (Old):


Library Floor          241.38 sq.m. + Mezzanine Floor   (230,00 sq.m.)

AC Plant Room      241.38 sq.m.



Academic Cell (Existing Block) / Gr.Fl.:


i)                              5.83 x 8.972  = 52.30

ii)                             2.98 x 5.8      = 17.28      Total: 78.54 sq.m.                              

iii)                            3.01 x 2.98    =   8.96



Principal’s Office:


i)   PA’ s  Room     5.935 x 3.04 = 18.04

ii)  Office area       5.93 x 8.95  =  53.07         Total:  123.55  sq.m.

                           5.81 x 5.94 =  34.51

                           3.02 x 5.94 =  17.93


Administrative Office area:


i)  Office area        71.02 sq.m.

ii) Cashier               8.65 sq.m.

iii) AO’s Room       27.08 sq.m.

iv)  Stores             109.31 sq.m.




Faculty Rooms: Painting, Applied Art and Sculpture / BFA & MFA


                         a)      113.08 sq.m.                      e)     49.17 sq.m.

                          b)       38.9  sq.m.                       f)      33.57 sq.m.

                          c)       40.24 sq.m.                      g)     34.77 sq.m.

                          d)       38.32 sq.m.                      h)     33.21 sq.m.



Stores area in the Departments:

                                    73.14 sq.m.




--  12  --




i)        Ground Floor         Studio I    -   6.04 x 15.57   = 94.04 sq.m.

                                          Studio II   -   9.67 x  5.90   = 57.05  sq.m.


ii)       First Floor              Studio I    -   9.67 x 5.90    = 57.05  sq.m.

                                          Studio II   -    6.04 x15.57  = 94.04  sq.m.


iii)      Second Floor        Studio I    -   6.04 x 15.57  = 94.04  sq.m.

                                          Studio II   -   9.67 x 5.90   = 57.05  sq.m.


iv)      Third Floor            Studio I    -   6.04 x 15.57  = 94.04  sq.m.

                                          Studio II   -   9.67 x 5.90   =  57.05  sq.m.


v)        Fourth Floor         Studio I     -   9.67 x 5.90   =  57.05   sq.m.

                                          Studio II    -   6.04 x 15.57 =  94.04   sq.m.


vi)       Fifth Floor             Studio I     -   9.67 x 5.90  =  57.05   sq.m.

                                          Studio II    -   6.04 x 15,57 = 94.04   sq.m.

vii)      Sixth Floor            Studio I     -   9.67 x 5.90   =  57.05  sq.m.

                                          Studio II    -   6.04 x 15.57  =  94.04 sq.m.



Auditorium Block:


i)  HOD Room ( Gr. Fl)    - I                       3.37 x 5.85 = 19.71   sq.m.

                                         - II                      3.37 x 5.85 =  19.71   sq.m.


ii) Faculty - I, II, and III                             3x  3.37 x 2.35 = 23.76   sq.m.


iii)  Art Gallery                - I                       12.28 x 9.68 = 118.87

                                                                    6.98 x 3.07  = 21.43      Total: 140.30 sq.m.


iv)  Studio                      -  I, II                    12.37 x 10.58  = 130.87

                                                                     6.98 x 3.00      = 21.43   Total: 152.30 sq.m.


v)    Studio                      - I, II                    10.51 x 14.08  =  147.98

                                                                    6.98 x 3.00    =  15.36    Total: 168.92 sq.m.


vi)   Studio                       - I, II                    8.81 x 6. 98   =  61.49

                                                                     5.73 x 2.68    =  15.36     Total: 76.85


vii)                                    - I                        10.58 x 7.87  = 83.26



Built Basement:                                         area approx. 90’ x 50’







--  13  --


Auditorium: First Floor     -                       26.88 x 17.78  =  477.93 sq.m.


i)      Green Room              -                       2x  3.51 x 3.12  =  21.90 sq.m.


ii)      Store                         -                        3.13 x 3.37  = 10.55  sq.m.


iii)     Projection Room      -                       3.82 x 3.37  =  12.87 sq.m.


iv)     Foyer                         -                      10.57 x 7.60 =  80.33  sq.m.



Studios – Second Floor:


i)       Studio  -  I, II              -                    6.75 x 6.98  =  94.23  sq.m.


ii)      Studio  -  I, II              -                    3.90 x 3.38  =  26.36   sq.m.


iii)     Faculty Rooms- I, II   -                    3.45 x 2.83  =   19.53  sq.m.



Studios – Third Floor:


i)       Studio – I, II                -               2x  6.75 x 6.98  =  94.23  sq.m.


ii)      Studio -  I, II                -               2x  3.90 x 3.38  =  26.36  sq.m.


iii)   Faculty Rooms – I, II    -               2x  3.45 x 2.83      =   19.53 sq.m.




Cafeteria  Block:


i)  Gr.Fl. Sitting area:         -      2 x 12.08 x 6.00  =  144.96

                                             -      9 .00 x 7.28  =    65.52      Total- 210.48 sq.m.


ii)  F.Fl. Studios                  -     2 x 16.30 x 7.20   =  243.72

                                             -     2 x 9.88 x 4.50     =    88.92       Total- 323.64 sq.m.


iii) S.Fl. Studios                  -     2 x 16.30 x 7.20   =  234.72

                                             -     2 x 12.05 x 4.50   =  108.45       Total- 343.64 sq.m.



Students’ Activity Block:


i)    Total area                     -             9.10 x 9.10  =  82.81 sq.m.








--  14  --


Number of laboratories and size of each:   


i)  Lab (a)       -        i)   Photography Section   :   8.972 x 8.96  =  78.76  sq.m.

                                ii)   -do-                                    5.94 X 8.96  =  53.22   Sq.m.

                                iii)  Dark Room                   :  12.16 x 5.93  =  72.11   sq.m.


ii)  Lab (b)      -            Litho & Silkscreen         :  12.15 x 9.01 = 109.47  sq.m.


iii)  Lab (c)     -            Etching                           :  12.15 x 12.05 = 146.10 sq.m.


iv)  Lab (d)    -             Assemblage                   :   6.0 x 5.0    =  30.00 sq.m.         


v)   Lab (e)    -             Metal Casting                 :   6.0 x 20.0  =  120.0 sq.m.


vi)  Lab  (f)    -             Mural                               :    7.51 x 5.0  =  37.55 sq.m.

                                                                                  7.51 x 2.40 = 18.02 sq.m.


vii) Lab  (g)   -             Weaving                          :   7.51 x 6.0   =  45.06 sq.m.


viii) Lab (h)   -             Offset Printing                :   9.53 x 14.69 = 139.99 sq.m.


Number of Computer Centers with capacity of each: 


i)      Lab (a)/BFA             --      2.55 x 13.18  =   33.64  sq.m.


ii)     Lab (b)/BFA             --      17.05 x 7.0    =  119.35 sq.m.


iii)    Lab (c)/MFA             --       7.0 x 7.42   =     52.0  sq.m.





Vocational aspects of Fine Arts education evolves around the assimilation of knowledge of various skills, methods and materials including the traditional and modern aspects. The teacher and the taught  delve into understanding related fine arts such as music, dance, theatre,  the media of film, architecture and  literature. Study of History of Art and Aesthetics, both Oriental and Western are a main part of the learning. Knowledge of multi-media application on Fine Art, mixed-media techniques and its effects on visual language, appreciation of art and the fundamentals of visual art are other areas of research.


Understanding the fact that art education is a continuous process, the student is guided towards awareness  of the changing social, political scenario; its effect on art education and its application on society, which is followed by the trends, languages and function of the new/unconventional mediums.

To add impetus to the technical aspect of the qualification on the whole, an awareness is also created to study the relationship with Industry through internship. Upgrading of curriculum/ labs etc from time to time as per the requirement, outsourcing expertise, formulation of guide lines to both the teacher and the student in the teaching programs for the academic session are other areas where there is constant review and positive action taken. Supportive sources such as the availability of Internet facility for the concerned, conduct/ participation in Seminars and Reports (with feedback) of art activity at regular intervals, Inter-institutional interaction amongst the students and faculty are provided / organized.



--  15  --


Curricula and syllabi for each of the programs  as approved by the University:


       -  Please see attached BFA & MFA Prospectus 2011-12 Page - and Page - respectively.


Academic Calendar of the University:      


-  Please see attached BFA & MFA Prospectus 2011-12 Page -- and Page - -respectively.


Time Table of  I and II Semesters of academic session : 2011-2012


                                                                       - Please see attached - Annexure – 8


Internal Continuous Evaluation System in Place:


The two semester consisting of 19 weeks each functions on Practical assignments scheduled on weekly basis…i.e., a subject is taken up on Monday, finished and submitted to the concerned Faculty on Friday evening for evaluation out of 50 marks. Subject-wise this evaluation is worked out to a percentage of 50 marks internally and added to the External evaluation out of 50 marks to form the merit in that particular subject at the  end of the session in April.

Two Periodical Tests are conducted to award Internal sessional marks out of 25 marks in all the three theory subjects taught.


It may be noted that the first three years of the four year BFA are based on the method of Internal Promotion with examination in both practical and theory subjects and assessed by External Examiner at the end of each Semester, and, the Final Year examination conducted by the University of Delhi. Similarly, the first year of Two year MFA Courses is also on the basis of Internal Promotion.


The University examinations are conducted at the end of the academic session in April annually only for the Final Year Classes of BFA and MFA.


Students’ assessment of Faculty-  system in place:


 An Internal Committee of senior faculty, staff and students reviews all issues/ observations/ suggestions that are brought forward to its notice. These are given due consideration and looked into and what ever necessary steps of an appropriate nature adopted for quick, positive and effective solutions.


Placement status:


While throughout the academic year there are queries from Publishing Houses, Ad. Agencies, Pvt. Schools, Animation Studios, for positions as Creative personnel, Illustrators, Designers of Websites, Page etc, regarding former students still unoccupied (since most of the graduates are employed even before they finish  their Courses or at the time of the College Annual Art Exhibition that is held in the College during the month of March where during this exposure, students are sought and selected on the basis of merit evident from their work that has been shown in the Exhibition with appropriate remuneration. As per information of the College, there is no member of the alumni, unless he/she is earnestly free-lancing, who is either idle or unemployed. Besides the Alumni Association of the College of Art, also has taken the responsibility of finding placements for qualified students through their own sources.









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