Modified order regarding Air pollution Control Measures on dated 16-11-2017
Direction for stop all Civil Engineering Construction and demolition activities in Delhi
Orders regarding Air pollution Control Measures on dated 08-11-2017
Public Notice reg supression of Biomedical Waste Management Rule 1998 to 2016
Addendum direction under Air Act BTPS on 06-11-2016 shall continue to remain in force upto 31-01-2017
Inviting proposals for Grant-in-Aid to NGOs for Promotion, Conservation and Preservation of Environment/Weaker Sections of Society in Improvement and Up gradation of the Environment
Workshop on Prohibition on open burning of any kind of material -A Small Step Targeting Big Impact
Addendum-Direction Under Section 31(A) of Air (Pollution and Control of Pollution ) Act 1981 to stop all construction and demolition activities in Delhi.
Quotation for AMC for Photocopier and Fax Machine for the year 2017-18
Quotation for AMC for Multimedia Projector for the year 2017-18
Public Notice -Direction Under Section 31(A) Air (Pollution and Control of Pollution)
Public Notice - Inviting NGOs for grant-in-aid for promotion conservation and preservation of Environment
Public Notice w.r.t. draft notification dated 16-08-2016 proposing complete ban on sharp/synthetic/plastic/chinese manja in NCT of Delhi
Addendum regarding direction to stop the use of Electricity Generator set run on diesel/petrol/kerosene till 28th February 2017.
Public Notice to stop operation of Electricity Generator set run on diesel/ petrol/kerosene in Delhi
Addendum direction under Air Act to stop operation of generator set run on diesel/petrol/kerosene in Delhi
Public Notice -Direction to stop all construction and demolotion activities in Delhi
Proposal regarding Status of Environment Report of Delhi 2015
Notice-World Conference on Environment to be held by 25th and 26th March 2017
Program Schedule on Anti Fire Cracker Campaign on 27th Oct, 2016 at Central Park, CP @ 7:00 PM
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