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Minutes of the 55th meeting of Trans Yamuna Area Development Board held on 18.8.2017

Reconstitute the Trans Yamuna Area Development Board - 24.8.2017

Minutes of the 54th meeting of Trans Yamuna Area Development Board held on 12.6.2017

Minutes of Meeting dated 2-9-2016

Revival of Trans Yamuna Area Development Board order dated 5-8-2016

order dated 8-7-2015

ERRATA in Minutes of the 50th meeting of Trans Yamuna Area Development Board held on 26.6.2012.

Addendum in Minutes of the 50th meeting of Trans Yamuna Area Development Board held on 26.6.2012.

Minutes of the 50th meeting of Trans Yamuna Area Development Board held on 26.6.2012 .

Minutes of the 48th meeting of Trans Yamuna Area Development Board held on 25.5.2011 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Narender Nath.

 Target Achievement (Phy./ Financial) report of Schemes under TYADB of Shah. (South) & Shah. (North) Zone for the year 2010-11 upto 31.12.10.

 46th meeting of Trans Yamuna Area Development Board held on 19 May 2010 at 11:30 Am under the chairmanship of Dr. Narender Nath.

Monthly progress report of physical/financial achievement under TYADB of Shah (N) and Shah (S) Zone upto the month of May 2010.

Monthly progress report of physical/financial achievement under TYADB of Shah (N) and Shah (S) Zone upto the month of December 2009.

Target Achievement report of Schemes related to Shah.(North & South) Zones for the year 2009-10 upto 30.09.09 - MCD

First Constitution Dated 04/03/1994 - TYADB

Reconstitution of TYADB order dated 15/02/1999


Latest Reconstitution of TYADB dated 09-02-2009


Status of TYADB Fund- Status of Fund from 1994 to 2001


Minutes of the TYADB Meeting held on 30-01-2008


Status of Meeting of TYADB held till datel


Work Progress Report Submit by Executing Agency -MCD



It is proposed to undertake construction of socio cultural centre at CBD Shahdara. As per recommendations of the Trans Yamuna Area Board, complexes are to be developed for providing recreational cultural and other facilities to the population living in the Trans Yamuna Area. East Delhi does not have good auditoriums, art galleries, library and conferencing facilities, have to travel to other parts of Delhi. Further, as existing auditorium, art galleries, conferencing facilities are booked through out the year and have reasonably good occupancy levels it can be inferred that there exists demand for these development components at the site.
The Eastern part of Delhi across the Yamuna now houses nearly 32 lakh people. However basic facilities, which are necessary for a community to maintain a minimum quality of life, are still lacking. As per the Master Plan Delhi 2021. there would be a socio cultural centre for every 1 million people, and by this yardstick, the Trans Yamuna Area may be eligible for as many as three such centres. One such center named Socio Culture Centre, Laxmi Nagar which is now known as Poorva Sanskritik Kendra has already been developed and inaugurated on 1.5.2005 by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Delhi. Management of this Socio-Culture Centre has been handed over to DSIDC which has entered into a management contact with an agency who is managing it under the control of the PSK Governing body headed by Chief Secretary, Delhi.
It may be considered to be a legitimate governmental function to provide facilities of this nature and it is with this intention of providing facilities for the public that this project is being proposed. This would justify the need for building this project.
The proposed scheme is justified in the context of establishing physical, social, economic and environmental infrastructure in East Delhi.
The Govt. of Delhi is committed for Socio-Economic and Cultural Development of the whole Delhi with Special emphasis on Trans Yamuna Area where most of the peoples are either from middle income group or lower income group. Their contribution in the economic growth is more however their economic condition is not good. Therefore it is the responsibility of the Govt. to provide a suitable platform for performing necessary Socio-Economic, cultural activities. Keeping in views Govt.’s objective financial investment is indispensable.

1) Socio- Cultural Centre at CBD Shahdara

Land measuring 3.78 acres has been allotted on lease basis in the institutional area of Vishwas Nagar to Govt. of Delhi by D.D.A for construction of Socio-Cultural Centre at CBD Shahdara. Initially, DSIDC was entrusted TRANSCO on BOT basis. Subsequently in the year 2002 M/s. Infrastructure Professional Enterprises was appointed as Consultant to work out a preliminary report. Subsequently in the year 2002, the project was transferred to DTTDC for execution. However, nothing much happened in the year 2002-03. On 11.6.2004, a meeting was taken by the Hon’ble Minister of Finance & UD Deptt wherein it was inter-alia decided to expedite the execution of project by DTTDC on BOT basis in pursuance of the Govt.’s directions. DTTDC called for expression of interest from private developers for this project.
Initially Govt. paid Rs.1.92 crore to DDA as cost of land. Delhi Govt. has to pay Rs.4.76 lakhs lease rent to DDA annually. The project has been assigned to DTTDC for construction of center on BOT basis which is under examination. The matter to finalise the executive agency of the project on BOT basis is under finalisation. The financial bids are being finalized and the matter is under examination of Finance Department, GNCT of Delhi.
For the 10th Five Year Plan 2002-07, an outlay of Rs.2500.00 lakhs has been approved for the construction of Socio-Cultural Centres at Laxmi Nagar and CBD Shahdara also. During the annual Plan 2006-07, a sum of Rs.10.00 lakhs is approved under the scheme for the proposed CBD Shahdara Project, which is likely to be incurred in full. An expenditure of Rs.1132.70 lakhs has likely to be incurred during 2002-07.
During 11th five-year plan (2007-12), Rs.100.00 lakhs is proposed under TYADB(UD). The proposed budget provision for 2007-08 is of Rs.10.00 lacs.
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