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Details of Welfare Schemes in respect of Social Welfare District (West) in Compliance of the Decision No CIC/SG/A/2009/002910/6364

Financial Year

Name of Scheme

Description Detail Date of Upload
1 Scheme Details Old Age Pension Scheme-Rejected Cases FY 2012-13.     06/02/2014
Unemployment Allowance to PH  Scheme-Rejected Cases FY -2013-14 .   06/02/2014
National Family Benefit Scheme-Sanction Cases FY- 2012-13.   06/02/2014
National Family Benefit Scheme-Rejected Cases FY- 2012-13 .   06/02/2014
National Family Benefit Scheme-Rejected Cases FY- 2013-14 .   06/02/2014
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