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Grant -in-Aid to Voluntary Organization

Under various schemes of Delhi Govt. Department provides Grant-in-aid to voluntary organization & under various schemes of Govt. of India. Department recommends the applications for grant-in-aid of voluntary organization. Apart from this Dept. also gives license to run residential institutions for the welfare of women & children.

(A) The Dept. of Social Welfare, Govt. of NCT of Delhi through its Voluntary Action Cell situated at Canning Lane deals with the following GIA schemes of the following bodies detailed as follows:-

Dept. of Social Welfare,Govt. of Delhi
Deptt. of Social Welfare, Govt of Delhi .

a) Delhi Grants to Social Welfare Institutions/Organizations Rules, 1975

b) Scheme for the Welfare of Children in Need of Care & Protection.

Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Govt of Delhi
Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India .

a) Deen Dayal Disabled Rehabilitation Scheme(Scheme to Promote Voluntary Action for Persons with Disabilities) (DDRS)

b) Assistance to Disable Persons for Purchase/fitting of Aids & Appliances. (ADIP)

c) An Integrated Program for Street Children.

d) Assistance to Homes for Infants & Young Children for Promoting In-Country Adoption.

e) An Integrated Program for Older Persons.

f) Scheme of Assistance to Panchayati Raj Institutions/Voluntary organizations/Self help Groups for construction of Age Homes/Multi Service Centers for Older Persons.

g) Scheme for Prevention of Alcoholism & Substance (Drugs) Abuse.

h) Scheme for the Welfare of Working Children in Need of Care and Protection.

i) General GIA Program for Assistance in the field of Social Defence.

Ministry of Women & child Development, Govt. of India ---
Ministry of Women & Child Development, Govt. of India .
a) Support to Training & Employment Program (STEP)

b) SWADHAR- A scheme for Women in Difficult circumstanes.

c) Construction/Expansion of Hostel building for working women with a Day Care Centre.

d) Short Stay Homes for Women & Girls.

e) Education Work for Prevention of Atrocities on Women.

f) General Grant In Aid for Voluntary Organizations in the Field of Women & Child Development.

g) Organizational Assistance to Voluntary Organizations for Women & Child Development.

h) Grant In Aid for Research & Publications,.

General Check-List of Documents Required Along with the Application for Grant-In-Aid
1. Application in prescribed Performa of the relevant GIA scheme under which the organization seeks to obtain GIA, with all the columns satisfactorily filled in.
2. Valid proof of legal entity/personality of the organization (e.g. copy of registration certificate under Societies Registration Act, 1860, Trust Deed etc.)
3. Memorandum of Association.
4. Rules & Regulations of the organization.
5. List of Members of Executive Committee/Governing Body etc. alongwith their names, father’s name, age, address, qualification, profession etc.
6. Budget estimates for the project with proper detailed justification for all cost items.
7. Audited statements of accounts for he last three financial year (i.e. 2005-06,2004-05,&2003-04).
8. Annual activity/progress reports for the last three years, showing the range of activities, corresponding achievements of the organization etc.
9. List of identified/proposed beneficiaries’ alongwith all the details about them like name, father’s name, age, gender, address, and reason for his/her identification.
10. List of beneficiaries with details as mentioned in previous columns, benefited by the organization during the last years.
11. Details of staff/employees alongwith their names, designation, complete address, date of appointment, educational qualification, salary per month, total salary paid during the previous year etc.
12. Valid registration under Section 52 of the PWD Act. (if applicable)
13. Copy of the minutes of the last meeting geld of the Executive Committee.
14. List of staff registered under Rehabilitation Council of India alongwith the copy of their certificates (if applicable).
15. Utilization certificate of any grant-in-aid from any other sources during the last year.
16. Copy of sanction letter the GIA received, if any, from any other sources during the last financial year.
17. Proof of authorized construction of the project site or Rent Deed, if applicable for the project.
18. Proof of linkages/networking of the organization with other profession agencies.
19. Any other document relevant to the scheme.
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