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Department of Social Welfare
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Plan Schemes
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BudgetEstimates for theyear 2009-10 (Plan)
S.NoMajor Head,Detailed Head as indicated in the detailed demand for grants BE 2009-10 (Rs. in thousand)
Name of Scheme / Major Head "2235" Demand No. 8
1A-2(1) Social Welfare

A-2(1)(1) Direction & Administration

A-2(1)(1)(1)(1) Salaries

1. Sr.AO(HQ),Deptt. of SW2000

2. DDO,HLTB, Tahir pur1050

3. DDO,HADB, Lampur260

4. DDO,RCC,K.Camp550

5. DDO,Old Age home,Kalkaji240

6. DDO, HMRP(A),Avantika790

7. DDO, B.H II , Lampur200

8. DDO, HAIP, Narela 500

9. DDO, HCGBS, K.Camp, Delhi500

10. DDO, HOIB, Lampur100

11. DDO, HMB(D),K.Camp, Delhi510

12. Dy.Director(Plg)1100

Sub -- Total 7800

A-2(1)(1)(1)(3) Office expenses500

A-2(1)(1)(1)(4) Domestic Travel expenses500

A-2(1)(1)(1)(5) Supplies & Material 500

A-2(1)(1)(1)(8)Medical Treatment500

A-2(1)(1)(1)(9) Information & Technology 1000

Total 10800
2A-2(1)(1)(5) Security-Internal & External & Augmentation of Sanitation. 10000
3A-2(1)(2)(14) Scholarship for Disabled Persons6000
4A-2(1)(2)(15) National Programme for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities 2500
5A-2(1)(2)(16) State Programme for events for Socially and physically disadvantaged persons3000
6A-2(1)(2)(18) Unemployment Allowance to Disabled person40000
7A-2(1)(2)(19) Uniform Subsidy & free text books to deaf & Dumb students700
8A-2(1)(2)(20) Upgradation of school for deaf & dumb 2300
9A-2(1)(3)(10) Expansion of Old Age assistance/Senior citizen Pension Scheme 2980000
10A-2(1)(3)(11) Residential Recreation Centres for senior citizens 5000
11A-2(1)(12) Old Age Homes 1000
12A-2(1)(3)(14) Welfare programme for old aged persons 5000
13A-2(1)(3)(15) Smart Card for Senior citizens 200
14A-2(1)(4)(2) Grant to NGO Hind Kusht Niwaran Sangh Delhi branch for construction of multi-purpose center 1000
15A-2(1)(5)(6) Mass Media & Education 5000
16A-2(1)(5)(8)Urban Basic Services Prog

A-2(1)(5)(8)(1) Salaries 5500

A-2(1)(5)(8)(3) Domestic Travel Expenses 500

A-2(1)(5)(8)(6) Medical Treatment 500

Sub: Total 6500

A-2(2)-Other Social Security & Welfare Programmes
17A2(2)(1)(1)(1) Jan Shree Beema Yojana 1000
18A2(2)(3)(3) National Family Benefit Scheme20000
Major Head "2236" -- Nutrition
19A 3(1)(1)(1) - Mid Day Meal for deaf & dumb students410
20A 3(1)(2)(1) - Mid Day Meal for deaf & dumb students (SCSP)90

Grant Total -- Revenue Outlay3100500
Demand No 8, Major Head "4235"

AA. 1-Capital Outlay on Social Security and Welfare

AA. 1 (1) - Social Welfare
1AA 1 (1) (1)(1) Provision of additional facilities in the existing bldg. 10000
2AA 1 (1) (2)(1) Old Age Homes 10000

Sub: Total 20000

Demand No 11, Major head "4235"

BB 7-Capital Outlay on Social Security & Welfare
1BB 7(1)(1)(2)-Construction of buildings for primary school for deaf at Nehru Vihar 15000
2BB 7(1)(1)(4)-Development of home for mentally retarded10000
3BB 7(1)(3)(3) - Old Age Homes 10000
4BB 7(1)(3)(4)-Construction of Sewa Kuteer 25000
5BB 7(1)(4)(1)-Provision of additional facilities in the existing buildings50000
6BB 7(1)(4)(4)-Construction of the buildings of SW Deptt. 20000

Sub: Total 130000

Grand Total -- Capital Outlay 150000

Chief Minister
Shri Arvind Kejriwal
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