Rules of Accrediation
List of Accreditation Members or Journalist
List of DPAC( Delhi Press Accrediation Committee)
Rules of Accrediation

(To Be Published In Delhi Gazette, Extraordinary, Part IV)
Delhi Administration: Delhi
(Public Relations Department

Dated:11th Sept., 1986.


No. F. 2/22/86- PRD:- The Administrator of the Union Territory of Delhi for the purpose of onstitution of the Delhi Press Accreditation Committee and accreditation of Media Representatives within the Union Territory of Delhi is pleased to make the following rules:-

1. Short Title : These rules may be called the Delhi Press Accreditation Rules, 1986.
2. Commencement:

2.1 These rules shall come into force with immediate effect.
2.2 These rules shall apply to the grant of accreditation by Delhi Administration in the Union Territory of Delhi to Representatives of news media organisations.
2.3 These rules shall supersede all previous rules dealing with the accreditation of news media representatives to Delhi Administration, Provided that news media representatives already accredited shall continue to remain so, until otherwise reviewed by the Delhi Press Accreditation Committee in terms of the new rules.
2.4 Amendments:

These rules may be amended/altered/modified/added to on the recommendation of at least two third members of the Delhi Press Accreditation Committee if a proposal to this effect is made by at least three of its members or the Director, Information and Publicity.
3. Definitions :

3.1 'Administrator' means Administrator of the Union Territory of Delhi appointed by the President of India under article 239 of the constitution of India .
3.2 'Delhi Press Accreditation Committee' means a Committee appointed by the Administrator of the Union Territory of Delhi to deal with the grant of accreditation to representatives of news media organisations.
3.3 'Newspaper' means any Publication, printed and distributed at fixed intervals, which contains news and comments of public interest as defined in the Press and Registration of Books Act, 1867 but not a publication containing information of sectional interest, such as house journals.
3.4 'News Media' shall include wire services, non-wire services, audio and audio-visual net work dealing with news of public interest or comments on news of public interest.
3.5 'Director' Information and publicity means the Director of Information and Publicity, Delhi Administration (here in after referred to as D.I.P.)
3.6 'Working Journalist' means any working journalist as defined in the 'Working Journalists' conditions of service and miscellaneous provisions Act, 1955 as amended from time to time.
3.7 'Accreditation' means recognition of news media representatives by the Administrator for purpose of access to source of information in the Administration and also to news materials, written or pictorial, released by the Directorate of Information and Publicity and/or other agencies of Delhi Administration.
4. Constitution of The Delhi Press Accreditation Committee and Conduct of The Business

4.1 The Administrator shall constitute a committee called the Delhi Press Accreditation Committee (hereinafter referred to as the DPAC) to discharge the functions laid down under these rules.
4.2 The DPAC shall consist of representatives of associations/organisation of working journalists and Editors recognised by the Press Council of India and Press Information Bureau and such other organisations may be decided by the Administrator from time to time.
4.3 The D.I.P. shall convene meetings of the DPAC and maintain all records and proceedings of their deliberations. At its first meeting, the members of the DPAC will elect the Chairman who will preside over the subsequent meetings. The First meeting will be presided over the protem Chairman.
4.4 The DPAC once constituted, shall function for a period of tow years from the date its notification.
4.5 The DPAC shall meet once every two months or more frequently if deemed necessary by the D.I.P.
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