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 The following point-wise information is furnished here:

 Point No.1: - Please give a list of all those activities where the department has direct or indirect interface with the citizens. It should include the services provided by your department, types of common grievances, various services issued by your department etc.

 The power Department does not have any direct interface with the Citizens/Consumers as distribution of electricity in Delhi is privatized. The list of activities/type of grievances where this department has indirect interface with the citizens is as under:

 Services provided by the Distribution Companies (DISCOMs): 

  • Supply of electricity to the consumers in the licensed area
  • Providing new electricity connections on demand
  • Electrification of blocks & colonies

Services provided by the Department:

Third party meter testing through Central Power Research Institute (an Undertaking of Govt. of India) through PG Cell.

 Common Grievances of the consumers against DISCOMs:

  • Disruption in power supply/load shedding
  • Wrong Billing/Inflated Billing
  • Complaints by individuals, associations, RWAs etc. of miscellaneous nature such as Replacement of burnt meters, voltage fluctuation etc.
  • Suspected theft/false theft cases
  • Tampered Meter cases, etc.

Point No.2: - Against each of the above items of public interface, please indicate time limit, within which your department would guarantee the resolution of grievances or issuance of certificates, etc. This guarantee would he sacrosanct and inviolable.

After the Power Sector Reforms in Delhi, the work of distribution of electricity is carried out by the private distribution companies. The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) regulates the functioning of the Distribution companies. DERC frames regulations/guidelines for distribution, transmission and generation of power from time to time. As per Delhi (Electricity Supply Code and Performance Standards) Regulations, 2007, DERC has specified the time frame, and penalties/compensation in case of default in services and activities. The relevant extract from the DERC Regulations is as under:


Service Area



Compensation payable to consumer in case of violation of Standard (default shall be considered from the time consumer has made complaint)

  1. New Connection

Release of connection


Within fifteen days of receipt of application (along with prescribed charges)

Rs 10 per Rs 1000 (or part thereof) of the demand charges deposited by consumer for each day of default

  1. Billing

First Bill


Within four billing cycles

5% of the billed amount subject to maximum of Rs.100/- upto 01.06.2007


10% of the billed amount subject to maximum of Rs. 250/- beyond 01.06.2007

Provisional Billing

For not more than two billing cycles

  1. Network expansion/enhancement required to release supply

Electrified Areas (where extension of line up to five poles is  required)

Fifteen days


Rs 10 per Rs 1000 (or part thereof) of the demand charges deposited by the consumer for each day of default

Electrified Areas (where extension of lines or augmentation of Distribution Transformer is required)


Sixty days

Electrified Areas

 (Where new Distribution Transformer is required)

One hundred and twenty days


Electrified Areas (Where existing 11 KV network needs to be strengthened)

One hundred and eighty days


Electrified Areas (Where existing 66/33 kV grid sub-station needs to be augmented)

Two hundred and forty days


Rs.10 per Rs 1000 (or part thereof) of the demand charges deposited by consumer for each day of default


Un-Electrified Areas (Where augmentation from nearby existing network is possible)

One hundred and twenty days


10% of the amount deposited by developer per week of default


Un-Electrified Areas/ Green Field Projects (Where new network is to be laid or grid station needs to be established)


Twelve months


  1. Transfer of consumer's connection and conversion of services

Transfer due to change in ownership/ occupancy of property

Within two billing cycles of acceptance of application


Rs. 50 for each day of default


Transfer to legal heir


Within two billing cycles acceptance of application


Load reduction


Within ten days of acceptance of application, shall be effective from next billing cycle

Change of category


Within ten days of acceptance of application, shall be effective  from the date of deposit of inspection fee

  1. Meter complaint

Testing of meter

Within fifteen days of receipt of complaint

Rs. 25 for each day of default


Replacement of burnt meter


Within six hours restoration of supply by bypassing the burnt meter. Meter to be replaced within three days.


Rs. 50 for each day of default

Replacement of defective meter

Within fifteen days of declaring meter defective

Rs. 50 for each day of default

  1. Power supply failure

Fuse blown out or MCB tripped

Within three hours for Urban areas Within eight hours for Rural area

Rs. 50 for each day of default


Service line broken

Service line snapped from the pole.

Within six hours for Urban areas Within twelve hours for Rural area

Fault in distribution line/system

Temporary Supply to be restored within four hours from alternate source, wherever feasible. Rectification of fault and thereafter restoration of normal power supply within twelve hours.

Distribution transformer failed/burnt

Temporary Restoration of supply through mobile transformer or another backup source within eight hours, wherever feasible

Replacement of failed transformer within forty eight hours

Rs.100 for each day of default

HT mains failed


Temporary restoration of power supply within four hours, wherever feasible. Rectification of fault within twelve hours


Rs. 200 for each day of default


Problem in grid (33 KV or 66 kV) substation


Restoration of supply from alternate source, wherever feasible within six hours

Roster load shedding may be carried out to avoid overloading of alternate source.

Repair and restoration of supply within forty eight hours.

Failure of Power Transformer


Restoration of supply from alternate source, wherever feasible within six hours

Roster load shedding may be carried out to avoid overloading of alternate source.

Rectification action plan to be intimated to the Commission within seventy two hours.

Rectification to be completed within twenty days.

Rs. 500 for each day of default

Street light faults

Rectification within seventy two hours

Rs. 50 for each day of default

           7.      Voltage Fluctuation

Local Problem

Within four hours

Rs. 50 for each day of default

Tap of Transformer

Within three days

Repair of distribution  line/ transformer/ capacitor

Within thirty days

Rs. 100 for each day of default

Installation and Up-gradation of HT / LT system

Within ninety days


  1. The above time-lines are implemented directly by the DERC under their regulations and not by the Power Department.
  2. GNCTD has recently given policy directions to DERC under the Electricity Act, 2003 to make penal provisions in cases of power supply failure more stringent.


In pursuance of provisions contained in Sections 42(5) & 42(6) of the Electricity Act 2003, the DERC has framed the Regulations for constitution of the Consumers Grievance Redressal Forums. As per these regulations, Consumer Grievance Redressal Forums CGRF) have been established for consumers of each of the three distribution companies namely BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL), BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) and Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL); and New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC).

The contact details of CGRFs are as under:



Sub- Station Building

Sector-V, Pushp Vihar,

Near Saket Court Complex

New Delhi- 110017

Tel : 8468952631, 8468935702

Fax: 011-29564400

Email : cgrfbrpl@gmail.com


Sub- Station Building

Shakti Kiran Building

Karkardoorna, Delhi- 110092

Tel: 8010939760

Fax: 011-22384886

Email : cgrfbypl@hotmail.com


TPDDL Sub- Station Building

Police Colony, Model Town-II


Tel: 27466601-03, 27463809

Tel.Fax: 011-27466603

Email: cgredressal.forum@tatapower-ddl.com


Shop No. 67-68 & 71-73

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Place

Gol Market, New Delhi- 110001

Tele-Fax: 23340781

Email: ecgrfndmc@gmail.com


In case of consumers who are not satisfied with the disposal of grievance by the CGRFs, Delhi (i.e. CGRF-BRPL, CGRF-BYPL, CGRF-NDMC & CGRF-TPDDL), they may consider moving an appeal before the Hon’ble Electricity Ombudsman which is the appellate body set up in accordance with the provisions of Section 42(6) of the Electricity Act 2003and the contact details of the Electricity Ombudsman and office of Electricity Ombudsman is given below:


Electricity Ombudsman

B-53, Paschimi Marg,

Opp.Tagore International School

Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057

Tel: 26144979, 26141206

Fax: 26141205

Email: elect_ombudsman@yahoo.com


The Secretary

O/o Electricity Ombudsman

B-53, Paschimi Marg,

Opp.Tagore International School

Vasant Vihar, New Delhi-110057

Tel: 26144979

Fax: 26141205

Email: elect_ombudsman@yahoo.com


 Public Grievances Cell of the Power Department:

The Public Grievances Cell, Department of Power, GNCTD is functioning since 29.01.2007 under the Chairmanship of a retired High Court Judge along with a Member (Technical) to redress the grievances of electricity consumers. Even though each of the DISCOMs has their own CGRFs, the consumers seem to have more confidence in the P.C. Cell of the Power Department as compared to the grievance Redressal machinery of the DISCOMs. The location of the PG Cell is as follows:


33 KV Grid Sub-Station

SLDC Building, Minto Road

New Delhi - 110 002

Tel: 1800112222 (Toll-free)

SMS: 9223166166

Website: www.bijligr.gov.in

  • The scope of PG Cell is to receive grievances from consumers and work of respective distribution zones, categories them, conduct personal hearings in the presence of DISCOMs representatives & consumers for time-bound Redressal.
  • P.G. Cell is functioning under the supervision of Public Grievances Management System (PGMS).

Point No.3: - What additional resources would you require to ensure that you are able to give this guarantee?

  • Electricity Consumers Advocacy Centre (ECAC) under the aegis of P.G. Cell has been approved and will be operational shortly to act as specialized expert body to provide an instrumental mechanism to safeguard the rights and interests of the electricity consumers in standard form in the matters related to fund from ARR etc. - The financial resources required will be Rs 50 Lakh (approx.)
  • Setting up of Meter Testing Laboratory under PG Cell, Department of Power - Resources required are Rs 15 crore (approx.)
  • Awareness to be created through Public notices/advertisements about availability of facility of Independent Third Party Meter Testing Body i.e. CPRI at site of the consumers under the aegis of PG Cell for complaints related to meters.

Point No.4:- If the department fails to provide service within the above time frame, please indicate the designation of the officer who would be directly held responsible?

  • As stated above, if the Distribution Companies fail to provide services within the prescribed time framed, Chief Executive Officers of the respective distribution companies will be held responsible and appropriate penalties may be levied by the DERC.


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