Satyendar Jain
Duties of Officers
Duties of Assistant Nursing Superintendent
Duties of Nursing Staff
Duties of Ward Sisters
Nursing Orderly
Nursing Orderly

  1. He will receive the patient on admission and assist the patient in getting into or out of the bed.
  2. He will attend to the personal hygiene of patients washing and cleaning teeth, changing clothing, giving enema etc.
  3. He will prepare the patient for operation, Laboratory, X-Ray and other investigation.
  4. He will transport patients to various departments in the hospital.
  5. He will help in feeding patients and giving drinking water to patients and washing utensils.
  6. He will assist the nurse in handling and observation of patient and in simple basic nursing procedure.
  7. He will assist the nurse or doctor in diagnostic and treatment procedure.
  8. He will assist in collection and handling of pathological specimens.
  9. He will assist the nurse in receiving supplies by running errands to other departments of the hospital and in caring messages to other departments and individuals in the hospital.
  10. He will make beds for ambulatory patients and assist the nurse in making beds of non-ambulatory cases.
  11. He will assist the nurse in getting supplies from the laundry, disinfecting mattresses and dispatching dirty linen to the laundry.
  12. He will clear and do dusting of beds, doors, windows and other furniture, He will assist in debugging and pest control of wards.
  13. He will wash walls and doors in wards.
  14. He will assist in sterilization of instruments appliances and dressings and dressing of post-operative wounds.
  15. He will render first aid to patients in case of emergency.
  16. He will prepare dead bodies; arrange their transportation to mortuary and assist in terminal disinfections.
  17. He will do any other duty that may be assigned to him.
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