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Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan Hospital
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Duties of Nursing Staff

The Staff nurse is responsible for the complete nursing care of the patient assigned to her. The following duties would be shared with nursing students, if any and auxiliary staff such as nursing orderlies, ward boys, ayas, and sweepers as the situation warrants.


  1. Admission and discharge of patient.
  2. Assistance and instructions to patient and their relations.
  3. Bathing patients including daily care of mouth, nails and pressure points.
  4. Four hourly, or more frequent attention to pressure points.
  5. Giving and removing of bed pans and urine pots.
  6. Giving and removing of hot water bottle.
  7. Bed making.
  8. Feeding of patients.
  9. Distribution of diets, milk etc.
  10. Preparation of special feeds, eggs, milk etc.

oTechnical nursing care of patients.
o Administration of medicine.
o Administration of injections.
o Assistance in administration of I/u injection.
o Preparation of injections and clearing up.
o Recording of medicines & injection given.
o Talaing and charling I.P.R.
o Rounds with doctor.
o Technical procedure e.g. enema catheterization, dressings irrigations O2 therapy, preparing for and clearing up after procedure.
o Preparation for and assistance in clinical tests and medical procedure.
o Pre and postoperative care.
o Urine testing.
o Collecting labeling and dispatching of specimens.
o Escorting patients to and from departments.
o Giving and receiving reports.

  1. Handing over and taking charge of shift.
  2. Keeping the ward clean and tidy.
  3. Preparation of surgical supplies, bandage, splint.
  4. Routine care and cleaning of dressing trolleys, cupboards, apparatus, mackintosh etc.
  5. Care of clean and soiled linens.
  6. Disinfections of linen, beds, floor and bed pans.
  1. Demonstration and guidance to student nurses and domestic staff.
  2. Supervision of domestic staff.
  3. Assistance in orientation of new staff nurses.
  4. Participation in staff education and staff meeting.
  5. Participation in professional activities.
  6. Any other duty that may be assigned from time to time.

A part-time S/Nurse will be working only for six hours during the day. According to the time convenient to the departments of ward she is posted. Her responsibilities are, however the same as those of a staff nurse.

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