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Land & Building Department and its major activities

Land & Building Dept.  has two broad wings i.e Land & PWD.  Land wing is responsible for the large scale acquisition of land for the DDA (plan development) and other Govt. Deptts./Agencies for undertaking various development projects.  The PWD wing is responsible for planning, designing, construction and maintenance of roads, sub-ways, bridges and flyovers on PWD roads and also construction of office accommodation for the Departments of Govt. of Delhi as well as quarters/flats for the Govt. employees.  The major activities in brief of these two wings are as under :-

Land Wing:-


The land is acquired under the provisions of LA Act 1894.  If the DDA or any other Govt. Deptt./undertaking of Govt. of Delhi requires some land for undertaking some development projects like construction of road, bridges, reservoir, sewage plants etc. they send an indent to the L& B Deptt.   After receipt of the indent, the Land Acquisition Collector of the concerned Distt. is requested to submit a draft notification u/s 4 of LA Act which indicates the intention of the Govt. to acquire the land for plan and non-plan development of NCT of Delhi.  After receipt of draft notification u/s 4 of LA Act, the same is processed by the Land Acquisition Branch and after obtaining approval of the Hon’ble Lt. Governor, Delhi, the notification u/s 4 is issued. Objections are also invited from the landowners whose land has been acquired within 30 days from the date of issuance of notification u/s 4 by the LAC concerned.  The LAC after hearing the objections and also giving personal hearing to the objectors, submits its report to the Govt. and the declaration u/s 6 is issued after obtaining the approval of Hon’ble Lt. Governor.  However, if the land is urgently required for any project, then section 17 of LA Act (emergency clause) is invoked and in that case, the provision of inviting objections u/s 5 (A) is dispensed with.  After issuance of declaration u/s 6, LAC announces the award and makes compensation to the landowners after taking possession of the acquired land.


Under the provisions of section 48 of LA Act, any acquired land can be released from acquisition if its possession has not been taken over by the Govt.  Detailed guidelines and procedure have been prescribed for de-notification of the land.  For this purpose, a de-notification committee under the Chairmanship of Secretary (L&B)  has been constituted with Commissioner (LM), DDA, OSD to L.G and Dy. Commissioner of concerned Revenue Distt. as members.  The recommendations of the de-notification committee has to be approved by the Hon’ble Lt. Governor, Delhi.


Alternative plots to the persons, whose land has been acquired, are allotted under the scheme of “Large Scale Acquisition Development and Disposal of land in Delhi” announced by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Home Affairs on 2nd May. 1961.  In the past, the Deptt. had been inviting applications for grant of alternative plots from the eligible applicants through press advertisements from time to time. Presently, the application in the prescribed form has to be filled with the Department with in one year of the payment of compensation.  The eligibility conditions for allotment of alternative plots are as under: -

1. A person who is the Recorded Owner prior to issue of notification u/s 4 of LA Act.

2. A person whose land has been acquired should have received the compensation as a rightful owner from LAC/Court and the possession of acquired land should have been taken by the Govt.

3. The applicant should not own a house/residential plot/flat out of village abadi in his/her own name or in the name of his   wife/husband or any of his/her dependent relations including unmarried children, nor should be a member of any Cooperative Housing society. 

4. For awards announced post 3.4.86, the acquired land should not be less than one bigha.

The application, duly filled, alongwith the documents is processed and is referred to LAC/SDM concerned for verification.  There is a Recommendation Committee constituted for allotment of alternative plot headed by Secretary (L&B) who decides these cases and then the cases are recommended to DDA for allotment of alternative plot. 


Works on continuing Schemes and new schemes are being executed by the Department under Transport, Housing and Public Works Sectors.  Besides, PWD engineers have been deployed to undertake inspection of buildings of other Dept. of Govt. of NCT of delhi, such as education, technical education, medical, police. social welfare, judicial, jail etc. Delhi PWD is divided into four zones, each headed by the Chief Engineer.  The works of the zones is coordinated by Engineering-in-chief.  PWD has a separate Citizen’s Charter.

Public Works Department Wing


This department gives the allotment of Govt. accommodation on the basis of seniority list for the various categories.  The seniority list is prepared on the basis of applications received from time-to-time by this department.  The meeting of allotment committee is held tentatively on 15th of every month. This meeting is chaired by Principal Secretary (PWD).  The committee includes Joint Secretary (PWD), AHC (Estate) and Supdt. (Estate) as members.

Who is eligible


Basic Pay

All employees working in Govt. of NCT of Delhi are eligible to apply provided their names are covered in the cut-off date as laid down by the department for different categories of Govt. residential accommodation.



Less than Rs.3050/- p.m.


Less than Rs.5500/- p.m. but not less than Rs.3050/- p.m.


Less than Rs.8500/- p.m. but not less than Rs.5500/- p.m.


Less than Rs.12000/- p.m. but not less than Rs.8500/- p.m.


Rs.12000/- & above


Temporary allotment of Govt. residential accommodation for marriage or any other function is made to the allottee of General Pool Accommodation.  The rent for one month is Rs. 65/- per sq. meters upto Type IV & Rs. 95/- per sq. meters for Type V and above multiplied by the plinth area of the particular flat being taken temporarily.   The amount is to be deposited with Cashier (L&B).


All the complaints received from the complainants are being disposed off within 30 days.  For the above purpose, a separate counter under the “Delhi Right to Information Acts” has been set-up in the office premises of Land & Building Department.  This counter of L&B Deptt. is located at the ground floor of ‘B’ Block, Vikas Bhawan, I.P. Estate, New Delhi.  Besides this, Secretary (L&B), Joint Secretary (L&B) and Competent Authorities (DRI) are also available for public hearing from 12.00 Noon to 1.00 P.M daily.



Telephone No.
1 Pr.  Secretary (L&B)   

23370035 (FAX)

2 Addl. Secretary (L&B)


3 Legal Advisor- cum- Standing Counsel 23983579
4 HOO/ Dy. Secy. (Gen./Alt)                                     23379389
5 Dy. Controller of Accounts 23378256
6 OSD (Lit.) 23379287
7 DLA (Writ Cell) 23379322
8 DLA (Legal Cell) 23913814
9 DLA (Legal Cell) 23913814
10 AHC /MO (EP Cell) 23770589
11 Accounts Officer 23379320
12 Tehsildar (EP Cell)  23378745
13 Asstt. Director (Plg.) 23378704
14 Dy. Secy. (Admn.) 23379370
15 AHC (Housing Loan) 23379370
16 Superintendent (Vig.) 23370366
17 Superintendent (Admn.) 23370366
18 Superintendent (LA) 23378909
19 DDO (L&B) 23378021
20 Incharge (General) 23378853
21 Asstt. Standing Counsel 23379845

AAO (Finance)
JAO (Finance)

23 AAO (Rent Recovery Cell) 23370789
24 JAO (Loan) 23378070




Telephone No
1  Pr. Secretary 23392065
2 Addl. Secretary 23392292
3 Director (Allotment) 23392296

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