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Sh. Sanjay Kumar Saxena, Secretary-cum-Commissioner (Labour), GNCTD

The Labour Department  was created with a mission to promote growth of industrial and commercial  activities by ensuring harmonious relationship between employer and employee  providing statutory cover to the workman through preventive, conciliatory  effort, adjudicatory, punitive action and promoting welfare activities through  planning process to alleviate the suffering of the working class in the  National Capital Territory of Delhi.

The Labour Department  is bound to its commitment of speedy and timely redress of grievances of  workers, effectiveness of conciliation machinery to resolve disputes and  transparency in the working by creating Online Registration of Shop & Establishment,  Shramik Helpline (Toll Free) 155214, Online Issuance of NOC to MCD for approval of Building Plan and Online Submission of Annual Return in e-Biz Portal under Factories Act 1948.
There is paradigm  shift in working of the Labour Department apart from regulatory function as  envisaged under the various Acts/Statutes. The Labour Department is  increasing its functioning towards health safety welfare of workers in  organized sector and specially construction workers in unorganized sector. There  is a shift in approach from beneficiary to entitlement holder.

Thank you for  visiting our website and please feel free to contact us with any question,  comments or suggestions.

  Secretary-cum-Commissioner  (Labour)

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