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office order for Permission to erect a lift and Licence for Working a Lift Procedures
Application Form A For Grant Of Electrical Contractors License
syllabus for Class-I (Supervisor)
Syllabus for Class-II (Electrician)
Enforcement of The Electricity Act, 2003
Issue of Certificate of Competency Class-I And Class-II And Electrical Contractor Licences under The Conditions Framed Under Rule-45 Of The Indian Electricity Rules, 1956.
Intimation Regarding Electrical Accidents
The Bombay Lift Act -1939 as Extended to NCT of Delhi and The Delhi Lift Rules, 1942
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Annexure D
Annexure E
Annexure F
Annexure G
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Daily Work Report
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The Bombay Lifts ACT - 1939
The Delhi Lifts Rules, 1942 as extended to NCT of Delhi
Enforcement of The Electricity Act, 2003

I.Enforcement Of The Electricity Act, 2003 & Rules Made There Under I.E. The Indian Electricity Rules, 1956

The Electrical Inspector and the Officers appointed to assist the Electrical Inspector are responsible for enforcing the various provisions of Acts/Rules, specifically relating to safety, measures required to be adopted by the Supplier i.e. NDPL, BSES RPL, BSES YPL, TRANSCO GENCO, Delhi Vidyut Board, N.D.M.C. and different consumers to ensure the safety of human beings, animals and property. The details of installation being inspected by the Inspectorate are as follows: -

(A) Inspection of high voltage/extra high voltage installations are being carried out before commissioning of the installation to check whether the safety provisions prescribed in the rules are complied with. After the inspection, if the installation is found complying with the provisions of said rules, No Objection Certificate is issued to the Owner / occupier of the installation and likewise approval in writing is to be obtained from Electrical Inspector before commissioning of the Generating Plant of a capacity exceeding 10 Kws.

Question: How to apply for NOC for the High Voltage/Extra High Voltage Sub- stations,
overhead lines and underground H.T. cables etc?
Answer: The application on a plain paper enclosing the following details is to be submitted in the office of the Electrical Inspector, at the address given below: -

Office of the Electrical Inspector,
Labour Department,
Government of NCT of Delhi,
D-Block, IIIrd Floor, 5, Sham Nath Marg,
Phone No.23968706.

List of documents to be furnished with the application: -
I. Treasury challan receipt in original towards inspection fee: - Fee is to be deposited in the Government treasury (State Bank of India, Old Secretariat, Delhi) through treasury challans which is required to be stamped for Head of Account from this office. The fees can be deposited either in cash or by cheques / bank draft drawn in favour of " Pay and Accounts Officer-XI, Government of NCT of Delhi. The Inspection fees required to be deposited for the inspection of High Tension & Extra High Tension installations are given in the fee schedule marked as ANNEXURE 'A'.
II. Manufacturer's Test Reports of the equipments/apparatus.
III. Lay-out Plan of the sub-station.
IV. Single Line Wiring Diagram
V. Test Report from Licensed electrical Contractor who has carried out the installation work, giving the details of the tests carried out on such installation i.e. insulation resistance, earth resistance, working and testing of protection relays, insulating oil test results etc.
Question: How to obtain approval for commissioning of Generating Plant?
Answer: The applicant has to submit application on a plain paper enclosing the following Details /documents.
I. Fee receipt as prescribed in the fees schedule marked as ANNEXURE 'B'
II. Lay-out Plan
III. Single Line Wiring Diagram
IV. Manufacturer's Test Report
V. Installation Test Report from the licensed electrical contractor who has carried out the installation work giving the details of the tests carried out on such installation i.e. insulation resistance, earth resistance etc
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