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 Procedure of Renewal Of Licence

A Licence granted under the provisions of rule 5 of the Delhi Factories Rules, 1950 is required to be renewed as per provisions of rule 7 of the said Rules.

Question No.16: -

How to apply for Renewal?

Answer: -

An Application for renewal of Licence is required to be made to the office of the Director of Factories, at the address given in the Answer to question No.5.


Question No.17: -

What are the documents to be submitted for renewal of a Licence?

Answer: -

The following documents are required to be submitted along with a forwarding letter for renewal of a Licence: -

(i) Form No.2 in triplicate, duly filled up and complete in all respects.
(ii) Fees for renewal of Licence which is same as for grant of Licence and procedure for payment of fee for renewal is same as that of grant of licence. The original receipt TR6 is to be enclosed with the applications.
(iii) Original licence, for endorsement of renewal.


Question No.18: -

Can a Licence be renewed for more than one year at a time?

Answer: -

Yes, a factory may get the licence renewed either for one year or five years at a time. In case application for renewal has been made for five years, the renewal fee shall be five times the fee payable specified in the Schedule, appended below rule 5.


Question No.19: -

When an Application is to be submitted for renewal?

Answer: -

An Application for renewal of Licence complete in all respects is required to be made in advance delivered in the office of the Director of Factories at least 30 days before the due date of expiry of the Licence, which is 31st December of the preceding Calendar year for which the Licence has been granted/renewed/applied for renewal.


Question No. 20: -

Whether any late fee is payable, in case Application for renewal is not submitted in time?


Yes, a late fee @25% of the fee payable for a calendar year is charged wherein the Application has been submitted after expiry of the time limit mentioned in the Answer to question No.19.


Question No.21: -

Procedure for renewal of Licence?

Answer :-

If an application complete in all respects along with the prescribed fee has been delivered in the office of the Director of Factories, a Licence is renewed by the Deputy Director of Factories and thereafter the same is returned to the concerned factory, along with a forwarding letter under Regd./Speed Post

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