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Protecting the City of Delhi from Floods in River Yamuna1
Protecting the City of Delhi from Floods in Sahibi Nadi
To Provide Drainage to Delhi
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Irrigation in Delhi mainly depends upon ground water and partly upon surface water. Irrigation from the ground water is provided through shallow cavity and the deep cavity State tube-wells, whereas surface irrigation provided by way of utilizing treated effluent available from existing sewage treatment plants located at Coronation Pillar, Okhla and Keshopur. Water from Western Yamuna Canal System under the control of Haryana Government is also utilized for irrigation purpose.  At present 10862 hectare of land is being irrigated by Western Yamuna Canal, 1176 hectare by utilizing effluent water from existing sewage treatment plants and 227 hectare from ground water sources i.e. from tube wells functioning under Irrigation & Flood Control Department. 

Due to fast urbanization taking place in the rural areas of Delhi, cultivable command data under irrigation is getting reduced day by day. In Master Plan of 2021 for Delhi, DDA has also proposed complete urbanization of Delhi. Hence any increase in the command area in future is not possible and the same is reducing day by day. Accordingly, no provision of plan fund has been made in the 11th Five Year Plan and Annual Plan 2009-10 under Irrigation Sector. The existing irrigation system/facilities are being maintained through non-plan funds.

There is no major or medium irrigation in NCT of Delhi. Due to fast urbanisation, the area under agriculture is also depleting in the NCT of Delhi, due to which, even minor irrigation is reducing at present. The minor irrigation is being prctised from treated effluents coming out from the Sewage Treatment Plants of Delhi Jal Bord for their treatment plants namely Okhla, Kehsopur & Coronation Treatment Plant by a network of irrigation channels for irrigation from its commissioning whose details are as under:
S.No. Name of STPs Irrigable Command Area (ICA)
    1978-79 2008-09
1. Okhla 1376 hect. 50 hect.
2. Keshopur 2800 hect. 723 hect.
3. Coronation 1376 hect. 403 hect.
4. Tube-wells (72 Nos.) 600 hect. 142 hect.
  Total 5152 hect. 1318 hect.
Through other sources
Western Yamuna Canal 16314 hect. 10862 hect.
Note: Above irrigation command area indicated is not inclusive of private sources of irrigation adopted by the agriculturists. However, as per the statistical data of Govt. of NCT of Delhi, the total irrigable area during 1978-79 was 60832 hect. from all sources which has been reduced to 23325 hect. till 2007-08.
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