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Academic Departments of the Institute and The Faculty

The Department of Psychiatry is running MD course in Psychiatry with intake capacity of four students every year respectively.  The MD course has started in Psychiatry from 2003 & Degree recognized by MCI.

Prof. Nimesh G. Desai, M. D. (Psychiatry), Director .

Prof. S. D. Sharma,M. D.(Psychiatry), Emeritus Professor.

Dr. S. N. Sengupta, M. D. (Psychiatry), Professor.

Dr. Deepak Kumar, M. D. (Psychiatry), D.N.B.(Psychiatry),Associate Professor & Head.

Dr. Om Prakash, M. D. (Psychiatry), M.A.M.S , Associate Professor.

Dr. Vijender Singh, M. D. (Psychiatry), Associate Professor.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar, M.D.(Psychiatry), Associate Professor.

Dr. Pankaj Kumar, M.D.(Psychiatry), Assistant Professor.

Dr. Manoj Kumar, M.D.(Psychiatry),D.N.B.(Psychiatry), Assistant Professor.

Dr. Amit Garg, M.B.B.S, M.D.(Psychiatry), Assistant Professor.

Dr. Amit Khanna, M.B.B.S, M.D.(Psychiatry),D.N.B.(Psychiatry), Assistant Professor.

Dr. Sumit Kumar Gupta, M.B.B.S, M.D.(Psychiatry), Assistant Professor.

Dr. Paramjeet Singh, M.B.B.S, M.D.(Psychiatry), Assistant Professor.

Dr. Vishal Dhiman, M.B.B.S, M.D.(Psychiatry), Assistant Professor.

Dr.Akhilesh, M.B.B.S, M.D.(Psychiatry), Assistant Professor.

The Department of Neurology is running DM & DNB course in Neurology with intake capacity of one &  three students every year under the aegis of Delhi University & National Board of Examination. The DNB course has been suspended till further information. The DM (Neurology) course has started in Neurology from 2008 & Degree recognized by MCI.

Prof. M. Gouri-Devi, M. D. (Medicine), D. M. (Neurology), Emeritus Professor.

Dr. Kiran Bala, M. D. (Medicine), D. M. (Neurology), Additional Professor

Dr. Suman Kushwaha , D. M (Neurology), Associate Professor Head

Dr. Aldrin Anthony Dung Dung, M.B.B.S, M.D.(Gen. Med.) & ,D.N.B.(Neurology), Assistant Professor.

Dr. Siddharth Maheshwari, M.B.B.S, M.D.(Internal Med.) & D.M (Neurology), Assistant Professor.

Dr. P. K. Upadhyay, MBBS (Gold Medal), MS (Surg), DNB (Gen Surg), MCh (NeuroSurg),  DNB (Neurosurgery),MNAMS, MBA(Hospital Care Service), Associate Professor & Head.

Dr. V.K.S. Gautam, M.S., MCh, Assistant Professor.

Dr. D. K. Jha, M.S., MCh, Assistant Professor.

The Department of Clinical Psychology is running M. Phil. (Clinical Psychology) course started from October 2004 with intake capacity of fifteen students every year under the aegis of Delhi University. The Degree recognized by RCI.

Dr. Uday K. Sinha, M. Phil., Ph. D., Additional Professor & Head..

Dr. Vibha Sharma, M. Phil., Ph. D., Associate Professor.

Dr. Naveen Grover, M. Phil., Ph. D., Assistant Professor.

Dr. Neelam Chillar, M. B. B. S., M. D., Associate Professor & Head.

Dr. Rachna Agarwal, M. D. (Medical Biochemistry), Associate Professor.

Dr. Rajeev Thakur, M. D. (Microbiology), Professor & Head.

Dr. Renu Goyal, M. D. (Microbiology), Assistant Professor.

Dr. Sujata Chaturvedi, M. D. (Pathology), Professor & Head.

Dr. Anshu Gupta, M.D. (Pathology), Associate Professor.

Dr. Ishita Pant, M.D. (Pathology), Assistant Professor.

Dr. Sangeeta Sharma, M. D. (Pharmacology), Professor & Head .

Dr. Jahanara M. Gajendragad, M. Phil., Ph. D., Associate Professor & Head.

Dr. Sarbjeet Khurana, M. D. (Community Medicine), Associate Professor & Head.

Dr. C. B. Tripathi, M. Sc., Ph. D., Associate Professor & Head.

Dr. Rima Kumari, M. D. (Radiology), Associate Professor & Head. Dr. Mukul Kumar Jain, M. D. (Anesthesia), Associate Professor & Head.

Dr. Arvind Kumar Arya, M.D. (Anesthesia), Assistant Professor.

Dr. Ravinder Singh, M. Sc., Ph. D., Associate Professor & Head.
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