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The Delhi Nursing Council was established under the Delhi Nursing Council Act, 1997 (Delhi Act No.3 of 1999) enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the National Capital Territory of Delhi in the forty-eighth year of the Republic of India.
In pursuance of section 22 of Government of N.C.T. of Delhi Act, the Delhi Nursing Council Bill 1997 was introduced to the legislative assembly of the National Capital Territory of Delhi (Bill No. 10 of 1997).
Delhi Nursing Council Act, 1997 (Delhi Act No.3 of 1999) received the assent of the President in March 1999.

The Act was published in Delhi Gazette Extraordinary in March 2001.

On 11th June 2001 the Delhi Nursing Council Act, 1997 was notified, and with  notification the Act came into force, and the Punjab Nurses Registration Act, 1932 stood repealed.
The Delhi Nursing Council Act, 1997 (Delhi Act No 3 of 1999) notified the list of nominated, elected and ex-officio members under the provision of section 3(1) in August 2001.
The purpose of the Act is to provide for consideration of the Delhi Nursing Council for regulation of registration and training of nursing personnel (nurses, midwives, auxiliary nurses midwives/female health worker/female health assistant/supervisors) and matters connected therewith.
To regulate and control registration of nurses, midwives, auxiliary nurse midwives/ female health workers/female health assistants health supervisor (Section 13).
Therefore, under Rule 10 every person who desires to get registered with the Council shall apply for registration in Form No. I and shall pay a fees of­
(i) Rs. 750 (rupees seven hundred and fifty only) for registration as nurse.
(ii) Rs. 750 (rupees seven hundred and fifty only) for registration as midwife/speciality in lieu of midwifery.
(iii) Rs. 300/- (rupees three hundred only) for registration as auxiliary nurse midwife or female health worker.

To exercise powers of Licensing and supervision (Section 20)

To give recognition to training institutions (Section 22)

To grant affiliation and withdraw recognition under the provision of the Act (Section 24,25)

To conduct examination (Section 22)

To look into the grievances of persons on filling of appeals (Section 23)

To deal with offences and to enforce penalties for dishonest use of certificates (Section27)
 The registration/re-registration of nurses, midwives, auxiliary nurse midwives, female health workers, female health assistant, supervisors with Delhi Nursing Council is mandatory under Delhi Nursing Council Act, 1997. All the category of nursing personnel working in various Central Government Institutions (teaching and non-teaching), Hospitals, and Dispensaries of Delhi are required to register/re¬≠register with Delhi Nursing Council under Section 13(1), 14 and 16(1)(2).
The council also provides verification of Registration antecedents to nursing personnel registered under the Delhi Nursing Council Act, 1997. 
Delhi Nursing Council Ground Floor,
Ahilya Bai College of Nursing Building Lok Nayak Hospital
New Delhi - 110002
Tele Fax No. 23238304
The President of the Council is:
Dr. (Mrs.) Asha Sharma,
Delhi Nursing Council
Ahilya Bai College of Nursing Building
Lok Nayak Hoapital, New Delhi - 110002
The Vice President of the Council is:
Mrs. Santosh Yadav
Principal Superintendent
Lady Reading Health School
Bara Hindu Rao, Delhi - 110007

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