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Consumer Courts in Delhi

Consumer Affairs Wing of the deptt. is engaged in –

redressing consumer's grievances and protecting their rights.
creating consumer awareness.
developing a strong consumer protection movement in Delhi.

The consumer Protection Act, 1986 (68 of 1986) has been enacted to protectconsumer's interest. The provisions of the Act are compensatory innature. The Act intends to provide simple, speedy and inexpensiveredressal of consumer's grievances by establishing a three tier forum, popularly known as Consumer Court's:-

District Forum - for claims upto Rs.20 lakhs.
StateCommission for Redressal of Consumer Grievances - for claims above Rs.20lakhs and upto 1 Crore and appeals against orders of district fora.
NationalCommission for Redressal of Consumer Grievances – for claims above 1Crore and appeals against orders of State Commission.

The complaints relating to following consumer grievances can be made under the Act:-

Any unfair trade practice or restrictive trade practice adopted by the trader.
Defective goods.
Deficiency in service.
Excess price charged by the trader.
Sale of unsafe goods, which are hazardous to life and safety when used.

Consumer Courts may grant one or more of the following reliefs: -

Repair of defective goods.
Replacement of defective goods.
Refund of price paid for the defective goods or services.
Removal of deficiency in service.
Refund of extra money charged.
Withdrawal of goods hazardous to life and safety.
Compensation for the loss or injury suffered by a consumer due to negligence of the opposite party.
Adequate cost of filing and pursuing the complaint.
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