Finance And Accounts




167 Instruction order in respect of precautionery measures to be taken to ensure safty at various installations of Delhi Jal Board. 17.06.2010
166 Circular reagarding NIT. 14.06.2010
165 Matter regarding extention of date of application regarding deputation for the post of Member (Drainage)in the Delhi Jal board. 14.06.2010
164. Office Order for transfer and posting of Assistant engineer (Civil).  09.06.2010
163. Invite application for Fitter (Mecanical) Second Class in bulk side in the scale of 5200-20200 with grade pay 1900  09.06.2010
162. Office Order for the cluster wise name of Nodal and Back up officer.  09.06.2010
161. Office Order for transfer and posting of Assistant engineer (E&M).  09.06.2010
160. Office Order for relieved from the service of Mr.Ram Pal Singh Emp.Code-400014029..  09.06.2010
159. Office Order-91,that sh.Bhulley Sing AE(Civil) is hereby posted as Nodal Officer of DJB for the Central Flood Control Room in the office of Deputy Comm.(East) 07.06.2010
158 Office order-90, for transfer of Sh Vinod Kumar AE(C) transfer to WW(south West)-I 07.06.2010
157. Competent Autority has approved teh merger of the division of EE(Interceoptor Sewer Project ) with EE(RFP) 07.06.2010
156. Competent Autority has accepted the Notice of Volontary Retirement by Sh. Darshan Sing( Emp.No 20010677). 04.06.2010
155. Circular regarding contractor/firm Brij Bhushan Sharma 28.05.2010
154. Office order for Shri R.K.Mishra ,Dir(Vigilance)is relieved from DJB. 28.05.2010
153. Circular regarding hospital bill payment in emergency case of employee/retiede employee of DJB . 28.05.2010
152. Office order for Assistant Engineer(Civil) , deputed for Water Emergencies. 18.05.2010
151. Instruction for implementing of Safty precaution.  12.04.2010
150. The Water emergency of EE(N) I has been shifted from Shastri Nagar to Burari   
149. Re-arragment of work between the assistant commision/Deputy Director  
148 Circular  
147. Filling up the post of Director (treatment & Quality Control) in Delhi Jal Board on Transfer on deputation basis.  
146. Limited Department Examination for filling up the vacant posts of Junior Accounts Officer ,DJB in the pay scale of Rs.6500-10500(pre-revised).  
145. Provisional seniority list of Assistant Chief Accountants promoted during the period from 01.08.2003 to 31/10/2009 issued in continuation of  final seniority list dated 30/09/2005.  
144. Office Order No-91 ,Office Superintendents who are entrusted to look after the post of ZRO.  
143. Office Order No-04 ,Assistant Engg(Civil) are hereby entrusted look after charge to the post of Executive Engineer (Civil).  
142. Office Order No-02 ,Hospital Recognition for the medical treatment of DJB Employees/Pensioners.  
141. Important Information for all the Securty Staff  
140. Office Order No.293 ,Transfer and posting of UDCs/LCDs.  
139. Office Order No.244 ,Transfer and posting of Assistant Engineer (Civil)  
138. Office Order No.243 ,Transfer and posting Junior Engineer(Civil) C/O EE(Civil)Plant Srinivas Puri.  
137. Office Order No.284 ,Transfer and posting of Head Clerks  
136. Instruction Order No. 126277,regarding posting of office Superintendent in various maintenance circles and divisions.  
135. Office Order No.235 ,Transfer and posting of Assistant Engineer (Civil)  
134. Office Order No.43 ,Hospital For Medical Rembursement purpose to DJB employees /pensioners and their dependents.  
133. Office Order No.92 ,Setting up of the Courts of Special Metropolitan Magistrates and the Prosecution Cell in DJB.  
132. Office Order No.226 ,Consequent upon the retirement of shri G.R.K .Bansal,SE(North West) on attaining the age os superannution on 30.11.09  
131. Office Order No.220 ,Shri V.S.Thind Superintending Engineer(Civil) is hereby,promoted to the post of chief Engineer(Civil) on ad-hoc basis for a period of One year.  
130. Office Order No. 40 regarding sanction an amount to the Djb Employees on account of financial assistant from Staff Welfare Fund.  
129. Inviting application from eligible employee for allotment of Govt.Accommodation for Type-I,II,III,IV and V.  
128. Filling up the vacant posts of Junior Accountants Officer,DJB in the Pay scale of Rs. 6500-10500/-(pre-revised) through a Limited Departmental Examination.  
127. Command Area of Chief Water Analyst for Surveillance of water Quality of Delhi: .  
126. Office Order regarding empanelment of Hospitals/Diagnostic centers in DJB for the treatment of DJB employees /pensioners and their dependent .  
125. Office Order regarding guidelines to be followed to avail medical treatment facility in specified medical emergencies .  
124. Office Order regarding medical reimbursement of DJB pensioners/family pensioners.  
123. Office Order regarding medical tests of the sewer employees who are directly connected with sewer/drainage work.  
122. Office Order regarding Revised CGHS rates, applicable for private hospitals/diagnostic centers recognized by DJB.  
121. Office Order regarding delegation of powers to various heads for sanction of medical claims of the employee/pensioners of DJB.  
120. Office Order regarding medical reimbursement of pensioners/family pensioners of Delhi Jal Board and for submission of Live Certificate .  
119. Office Order regarding implementation of the revised subscription rates and entitlement towards availing Medical facility by Pensioners of Delhi Jal Board .  
118. Circular regarding Cancer treatment of CGHS/CS (MA) rules beneficiaries at Delhi.  
117. Circular regarding guidelines of revised medical polices of Delhi Jal Board.  
116. Circular regarding Empanelment of Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers under CGHS,Delhi for treatment and diagnostic procedures and fixation of package rates.  
115. Circular for Follow-up of code of conduct during Lok Sabha Election-2009 .  
114. Circular for Monthly cost indices in respect of CI,DI and MS pipes for claus-10 CA.  
113. Rules for Enlistment of civil contractor in class I,II,III,IV,& V in DJB(Old).  
112. Furnishing of information under RTI Act 2005.  
111. Enlistment of Civil Contractor in Class I,II,III,IV & V.  
110. Making of Identity Card to all Delhi Jal Board Employee.  
109. Circular regarding filling up column relating to Grading.  
108. Circular of Cancer treatment of CGHS/CS9MA0 Rules beneficiaries at Delhi.  
107. Circular for Kabadi,Football,Basket Ball and Badminton Comptition.  
106. Circular of Summer Uniform for DJB Employee 2007-2008.  
105. Circular of Winter Uniform for DJB Employee 2007-2008.  
104. Welfare facilities available to the employees of Delhi Jal Board.  
103. Instruction order against punctuality.  
102. Govt dues /Bank loan in death cases.  
101. Display of pollution under certificate for all moter vehicals  
100. Safai bhatta or dirt allowance  
99. Post of junior enginner as a stop-gap arrangment for the time being  
98. Annual property return in the month of January  
97. Next Round of Pulse Polio Immunization Programme  
96. Insurance of house/flat constructed/acquired with the help of House Building Advance from departmen.  
95. Instructional Order.  
94. Preparing Service records of Contract based Vehicle Drivers in DJB.  
93. Assistence to Under Welfare Scheeme for DJB Employees by LWO  
92. Scholarship of Children of DJB Employees  
91. Circular Regarding Inviting Application from Eligible Employees for Allotment of Govt. Accomodation for Type-I,II,III,IV and V  
90. Circular Regarding Transfer And Posting of SEs(E&M)  
89. Circular Regarding Payment of Ad.doc Bonus to all Vehicle Drivers.Engaged by DJB for Financial Yera 2006-2007  
88. Instructional Order Regarding Labour Welfare  
87. Circular Regarding Adopted the Assured Career ProgressionScheme OM-No(3534/1/97-Esst.(D)  
86. Circular Regarding Payment of Non-Productivity Linked Bonus(Ad.doc Bonus)  
85. Circular Regarding Joining of Shri Santosh D. Vaidya,IAS(AGMV:98) as Additional Chief Executive Officer,With Additional Charge of Director(F&A)  
84. Circular Regarding Final Seniority List of Chief Water Analyst  
83. Circular Regarding Provisonal Seniority List of Chief Water Analyst  
82. Circular Regarding New Telephones of Jal Suvidha Kendra  
81. Instructional Order Regarding Medical Reimbursement  
80. Instructional Order Regarding General Transfers  
79. Circular regarding sorting of old records  
78. Economy in Plan and Non-Plan Expenditure.  
77. Computerization of Employees Information  


Circular regarding Seniority list of Assistant Chief Water Analyst  
75. Instructional order regarding Energy-Conservation  
74. Instructional order regarding punching of attendence card.  
73. Circular regarding information for EIS  
72. Circular regarding to keep systematic checks and balances on the utilization of grant-in-aid/subsidies.  
71. Final seniority list in respect of Fitter-II Class (Mech.) in Water Distribution side .  
70. Enhancement of subscription under the Central Govt. Health Scheme.  
69. Regarding Final Seniority list in respect of Vehicle Driver (Ordinary Grade).  
68. Office order regarding creation of two divisions.  
67. Circular regarding muster roll worker transfer from MCD to DJB  
66. Circular regarding ACP under financial upgradation to the staff transferred from DDA.  
65. Circular litigation cases  
64. Circular notification of appointment of Chairperson/Members/CEO in the Delhi Water Board.  
63. Regarding Final Seniority list in respect of vehicle Driver(Grade-II) in the pay scale of Rs. 4000-6000.  
62. Circular regarding Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum.  
61. Office order regarding contract agreement .  
60. Office order regarding appointment of CVO as part time.  
59. Circular regarding ACP guidelines  
58. Office order regarding review of projects.  
57. Office order regarding implementation of EIS.  
56. Office order regarding constitution of core group to scrutinize the court cases.  
55. Office order regarding extending the medical facility for pensioners.  
54. Circular regarding departmental vehicle.  
53. Emergency wise list of water deficient areas.  
52. Timely payment of terminal benefits to the family of the deceased employees.  
51. IInd provisional seniority list of Draftsman man grade -I  
50. Circular regarding proper format and protocol while writing letter to high Constitutional functionaries.  
49. Special Vigilance Team  
48. Office order regarding Transfer and posting of AO/ZROs  
47. Instructional order regarding implementation of action plan for Bottling plant.  
46. Circular regarding Coordination cell  
45. Circular regarding punctuality in DJB.  
44. Office order regarding promotion for the post of Jt. Dir(Rev.)  
43. Regarding sexual harassment of working women.  
42. Circular regarding Pollution under control (PUC) certificate.  
41. Office order regarding revision of pay scale for post of Jt. Director(R).  
40. Circular regarding staff car Rules.  
39. Office order regarding District Consumers Disputes Redressal Forums.  
38. Reservation of SC/ST in the jobs under the Govt. of NCT of Delhi.  
37. Creation of Department of Safety and Disaster Management.  
36. Circular regarding temporary allotment/booking of DJB Vacant Land.  
35. Circular regarding proper maintenance of record of DJB's Land.  
34. Implementation of Section-32 & Section-33 of the persons with disabilities (Equal Opportunity protection of right and full participation) Act,1995.  
33. Instructional order regarding Office Procedure.  
32. Circular regarding Medical reimbursement rules of Pensioners.  
31. Verification of character & antecedents of candidates for appointment in civil posts under the Govt. of India-Review of procedure in case of appointment of SC&ST candidates under the Special Recruitment Drive of 2004.  
30. Declaration of Protocol Officer of DJB.  
29. Instructional order regarding allotment of quarters.  
28. Office order regarding nominate the Public Information Officer etc.  
27. Office order regarding Licence fee of the Departmental Accommodation.  
26. Office order regarding Pay scale of the Accounts Cadre.  
25. Office order regarding Constitute a committee to check upon the possibility of revision of pay scale.  
24. Office order regarding Conveyance allowance.  
23. Office order regarding Timings of Dispensaries.  
22. Office order regarding Nodel officer for Building & other construction.  
21. Implementation of the building and other construction workers Act,1996.  
20. Office order regarding Cancellation of registration of some private hospitals.  
19. Office order regarding post of Member(Dr) and Member(W).  
18. Final Seniority list of ACA of Delhi Jal Board.  
17. Instructional order regarding Public Grievance /Complaints.  
16. Circular regarding VAT.  
15. Addendum regarding updation of Website of Delhi Jal Board.  
14. Deduction of premium of DJB employees under salary saving scheme of LIC of India.  
13. Regarding e-TDS return  
12. Circular regarding written test for the post of UDC.  
11. Circular regarding timely payment of Electricity dues by the allottees of Staff Quarters.  
10. Office order regarding rates of License Fee of H type quarters, Keshopur.  
9. Office order regarding re-alignment of EE(South)-IV and EE(South)-I.  
8. Progress report on Point No.20 of the Twenty Point Programme (TPP)1986 titled " A Responsive Administration.  
7. Office order regarding Nodel officer from Delhi Jal Board.  
6. Final Seniority list of Head Clerks promoted w.e.f. 01.01.2001 to 31.08.2003.  
5. Circular regarding conduct the examination of certificate of competency Class-II(wireman)  
4. Office order regarding stop-gap arrangement for the post of chief Engineer.  
3. Office order regarding delegation of power of CEO.  
2. Circular regarding departmental quota of LDC.  
1. Withdrwal of the provision of treating Private Hospitals/Nursing Home /Pvt. Educational Institution etc. under the domestic category on the strength of the certificate under section 12(a) of the I.T Act given to the charitable Institution.  
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