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The Government of NCT of Delhi has enacted "The Delhi Lokayukta & Upalokayukta Act 1995 (Delhi Act No.1 of 1996)" to eradicate the vice of corruption, favoritism, abuse of position and power and to present cleaner image of the top public functionaries and public services. It came into force on 22nd September, 1997. Sh. R.N. Aggarwal, Retired Chief Justice of Delhi High Court was appointed as the first Lokayukta w.e.f. 1st December, 1997. Justice Mohd. Shamim, retired High Court Judge was appointed as Lokayukta w.e.f 12/03/2003.

The Lokayukta Act takes within its ambit the Ministers including the Chief Minister, Members of the Legislative Assembly, Municipal Councilors, and the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Managing Director and Members of Boards which are subject to the control of the Government. The Lokayukta can enquire into complaints against these public functionaries.

The Lokayukta however shall not inquire into the allegations against; (a) any member of the Judicial Services who is under the administrative control of the High Court under Article 235 of the Constitution, and (b) any person who is a member of a Civil Service of the Union or an All India Service or Civil Service of a State or holds a Civil post under the Union or a State in connection with the affairs of Delhi.
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