Nehru Homeopathic Medical College And Hospital
Dr B.R Sur Homeopathic Medical College And Hospital
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Nehru Homeopathic Medical College And Hospital

'B'-Block, Defence Colony, New Delhi-110024
Fax - +91-11-2433803
Phone Nos. - +91-11-24334226/24334228/24334225
Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi
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Principal: Dr. Anil Kumari
OPD I/C: Dr. Thakkar
I.P.D I/C Dr. Neeraj Gupta
Admn.officer: Shri J.K Kaushal

The institution affiliated with Delhi University, nurtures budding aspirants in homoeopathic education, awards degree in Bachelor in Homoeopathic System of Medicine and Surgery after completion of 5 and 1/2 years of training, including compulsory internship. This institution is not only one of the reputed Homoeopathic Colleges of India, but is also acknowledged for its academic brilliance in far off areas of Europe, America and is widely known in the Indian subcontinent.
About College
Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital is one of the premier and reputed homoeopathic colleges of India. The institution was founded by Late Padam Bhushan Awardee Dr. Yudhvir Singh, a great freedom fighter, social worker and pioneer Homoeopath of India. The foundation stone of the college building was laid by the then Hon'ble Dr. Sushial Nayyar, Minister of Health and Family Welfare on August 22nd, 1963. The OPD wing was inaugurated by the then Hon'ble Prime Minister, late Sh. Lal Bahadur Shastri on May 6, 1964 and 100 bedded IPD Services were started on 27th Feb. 1980 by the then Municipal Councillor, Sh.Kedarnath Sahani. The journey of the college started with the excellence of Dr.Jugal Kishore, Founder Director of the college. Dr.B.K.Bhatnagar (1st Sept. to 24th April 1975) took over as the first Principal of the college on 1st September 1967. The college has aspired, developed and was its best of its excellence during the principals Dr.B.K.Bhatnagar (1 September to 24 April 1975), Dr.D.P.Rastogi (25th April 1975 to 15th April 1984), Dr.V.K.Gupta (16th April 1984 to 31st March 1995) and Dr.V.K.Khanna(1st April 1995 to till date).. Classes in the college were started from 1967 for DHMS Course, upgraded to BHMS course under Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine. On 1st September 1972 this institution was handed by Dr. Yudhvir Singh Charitable Trust to Delhi Administration. The college is affiliated to University of Delhi for award of B. H. M. S. Degree in 1992

Founder of the N.H.M.C.
Dr. Yudhvir Singh, the veteran freedom fighter and homoeopath was born at Jaipur on 11th July 1897. He received education at Agra and Allahabad. He started Homoeopathic practice at the age of 23 and simultaneously joined the freedom movement as a member of Congress. Since then and almost for 60 years he occupied a Central figure not only in Delhi, but also at the International level in the field of Homoeopathy. In 1928 homoeopathic charitable trust was started in his name which is now running 12 charitable homoeopathic dispensaries mainly located amidst the weaker sections of Delhi. Dr. Yudhvir Singh was the first Indian who became the president of the Municipal Committee where he removed corruption prevailing in the body and improved sanitation of the city and stopped the cow slaughter in Delhi. In 1952 Dr. Yudhvir Singh was elected as a Member of the newly formed Legislative Assembly and became the Health and Labour Minister of Delhi. He improved the services of the hospitals and made special arrangements for the treatment of the poor. He brought Delhi Homoeopathic Act in 1956. In 1964 homoeopathic college at Delhi was started by the charitable trust, which was later on taken over by the Delhi Administration. The construction of the building was started on a two and half acres of land purchased from Government with a capital investment of Rs. Eleven Lakh. He was one of the founders of the Delhi Public Library and remained as President of the Governing body till his death. He was President of Delhi Nashabandi Samiti, Chairman of the Delhi Branch of the Hind Kusht Nivaran Sangh, President of Delhi Homoeopathic Board member of Central Council of Homoeopathy and President of the All- India Homoeopathic Medical Association, Chairman of the Reception Committee, International Homoeopathic Congress. He was a true Gandhian in his life and worked for the betterment of the people and was awarded Padma Bhushan in 1977 for his multifarious social activities. He wrote regular columns on Homoeopathy in leading newspapers. On 18th June 1983 he left for his heavenly abode. He lived for others and worked for Homoeopathy.

Facilities at the Hospital
A-1 Services Provided in O.P.D.:-
Services Provided in O.P.D.:-
S.No Depart Room No/Floor Day Time Name of the In-charge doctor Tel No.
1. Dental 1 G.F Daily 9am to 4pm Dr. Sushma Mathur 24331193,Extn-119
2. Eye 6 G.F W,F 9am to 12am Dr. Vivek Aggarwal 24331193,Extn-119
3. ECG 13 G.F Daily 8am to 3pm Dr. Mohit Mathur 24331193,Extn-119
4. Spirometry 7 G.F Daily 8am to 3pm Dr.Sanjeev Pandey 24331193,Extn-119
5. Gyane./Female 2 G.F Daily 8am to 8pm According to Roaster 24331193,Extn-119
6. Obs H-107F.F Daily 9am to 4pm Dr.Asha Jain 24331193,Extn-109
7. Surgery/ENT 6 G.F Wed & Thurs 8am to 3pm Dr. Thankraj 24331193,Extn-119
8. Medicine 3,11 G.F Daily 9am to 4pm According to Roaster 24331193,Extn-119
  (a)Acute Diseases 3 G.F Mon to Fri

8am to 3pm

8am to 1pm
According to Roaster 24331193,Extn-119
    11 G.F Daily 8am to 3pm According to Roaster 24331193,Extn-119
  (b)Chronic Diseases 5 G.F Daily 8am to 3pm According to Roaster 24331193,Extn-119
Diagnostic Services
1. Haemoglobin
2. TLC (Total Leucocyte Count)
3. DLC (Differential Leucocyte Count)
4. ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
5. Platelet Count
6. Eosinophil Count
7. PCV (Packed Cell Volume)
8. P/S For Malarial Parasite
9. P/S for type of Anaemia
10. Bleeding time
11. Blood rouping
12. Coagulation time


Widal test (for typhoid)
14. ASO titre(for rheumatic fever)
15. Australia Antigen(for type B Hepatitis)
16. VDRL(Syphilis)
17. Routine physical
18. Microsocopy
19. Bile salts, Bile Pigments
20. Urobilinogen
21. Test for occult blood
22. Ketone bodies
23. Pregnancy test
24. Routine microscopy for Ova, Cyst etc.
25. Occult blood
26. Blood Sugar-Fasting & P.P
27. G.T.T. (Glucose Toluence Test)
28. Serum bilirubin
29. SGOT
30. SGPT
31. Alkalibe phosphatase
32. Serum Urea
33. Serum Creatinine
34. Serum triglycerids
35. Serum Cholestrol
36. Serum HDL-C
37. Serum LDL-C
38. Serum VLDL-C
39. Total Protein
40. Serum Albumin
41. Serum Globulin
42. A/G Ratio
43. Serum Uric Acid
44. T3 & TSH
Patient for the above mentioned tests may be referred to the Pathology Laboratory between 9.00 am to 11.00 am on working days.
Services Provided in Special Clinic:
Room No./Floor Day Time Name of the
I/C Doctor
Tel No.
Skin-Psoriasis & Pigmant Disorders 4,6 G.F Tue,Thu 8am to 3pm Dr.R.K Manchanda & Dr.Vandana,Dr.V.K Khanna,Dr.Rashmi,&
Dr.Gautam Pal
24331193, Extn-117,103
& Ovarian diseases
2 G.F Wed 8am to 3pm Dr. Laxmi, Dr. Rekha Thomas & Dr. Parul 24331193, Extn-119
ANC & MTPS H-107 F.F Mon,Tue 9am to 4pm Dr.Asha & Dr.Seema 24331193,Extn-
Respiratory diseases 7 G.F Tue 8am to 3pm Dr. B.M Sharma & Dr. Sanjai Pandey 24331193, Extn-
Joints Diseases S.F. Sat 8am to 3pm Dr. V.k. Chauhan,Dr. Mohit Mathur & Dr. Bipin Jethani 24331193, Extn-121
Pediatrics 6 G.F Fri 8am to 3pm Dr. R.K. Manchanda, Dr. Anu Kapur & Dr. Neeraja 24331193,Extn-115
Thyroid Diseases 4 G.F Sat 8am to 3pm Dr.V.K Khanna,Dr.Archana Narang & Dr.Prabir Manna 24331193, Extn-119
Renal & Gall Stones 4 G.F Fri 8am to 3pm Dr.S.P Singh,Dr.Seema Rai & Dr.Annapurna 24331193
Psychiatrics 4 G.F Wed 8am to 3pm Neeraj Gupta 24331193, Extn-119
CVS 4 G.F Mon 8am to 3pm Dr. Kusum Chand & Dr.Abhilash Manna 24331193, Extn-
Old age Disorder 4 G.F Sun 8am to 3pm Dr. Thakraj 24331193, Extn-119
Note: No nursing home facility is provided.
General Bed Availability-All Free -
Male Ward Medicine 30
Female Ward Medicine 30
Labor Ward Medicine 30
Nature of operation Charges Waiting time I/C Doctor Room No. Tel No.
M.T.P. NIL 1-2days Dr.Asha Jain H-107 24331193, Extn-
Medicine Counter Pecial Medicine I/C Doctor Tel No. Room No. Store
One One Dr.S.P.Singh 24331193, Extn-119 H-8 H-110
Nature of Grievances Sanitation & Security Nursing Care Administration Quality of food Care Account Medicine & Medical
Person to be contacted   Ms. (ANS)       Dr.S.P.Singh
Phone No. 24331193
Extn-121 24331193
Extn- 24331193
Name of Corses Duration Internship No. of Seats Person To Be Contacted
B.H.M.S. 4years 6 month One year 50 (I)Dr. V.K.Khanna (Principal)
Phone No. 24331193
24334225, 24334226 & 24330803
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