Board of Homepathic System of Medicine

Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine is a statutory body established as per the provisions of Delhi Homoeopathic Act 1956 and deals with the registration of homoeopathic doctors and maintains state register of homoeopathic practitioners in Delhi. There are  3951 registered Homoeopathic Practitioners as on 23/09/2009. The present members of the Board are :

1 Dr. K.K Juneja Chairman
2 Dr. Aditya Kaushik Vice-Chairman
3 Dr. R.K. Sahota Member
4 Dr. R.C. Aggarwal Member
5 Dr. Lal Singh Member
6 Dr. Man Singh Member
7 Dr. Anil Kumari Member
8 Dr. Surendra Verma Member
9 Dr. Narendra Nath




Office : 4th Floor ,B-wing ,GPO Building (Vikash Bawan -II) ,Civil Lines Delhi 110054
Telephone No: 011-23818637, 23819070

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