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NO PS/SEC/GAD 2001/3153
Dated May 28, 2001


1. It has been brought to the notice of the Government by certain Members of Parliament and Members of Delhi Legislative Assembly that instance have occurred in which the elected representative have not been accorded the consideration and regard their position in public life requires. The Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi have no doubt that such lapses, as may have occurred, in this respect, cannot be intentional and that there is no desire to be discourteous and rude. Nevertheless Government would like to remind all officers that due courtest and regard to the elected represetatives are desirable.

2. Elected representatives have important functions to perform and it should be the endeavor of  every officer/official to assist them to the extent possible in the discharge of their functions. Elected Representatives may sometimes find it necessary to seek information, or make suggestions for the consideration of departments or ask for interviews with the officers in connection with their legilative and allied public duties.

3. The two basic principal to be borne in mind are the need to :

a.) Show due courtesy and consideration to the elected representatives.

b.) Help them to the extent possible in the discharge of their functions.

In cases, however, where an officer is unable to accept a request or suggestion, the rasons for his inability to do so should be politely explained. Attention is also invited to the following aspects:


4. For purposes of interviews, elected representatives should be given preference over other visitors. However, if a visitor ha to be seen due to a previous appointment, and the elected representative has come without a meeting having been fixed, the elected representative may be seen immediately after the visitor with an appointment has been disposed of.

5. In rare cases where an officer is unable to see an elected representative, at a time about which the officer had no previous notice, the position should be explained politely, and another appointment fixed in consultation with the elected representative.


6(i)  Members of Parliament/State Legislatures are always to be invited for functions organized by a Government department.

6(ii) Comfortable seating arrangements should be made for the elected representatives at public functions.

6(iii)  Seating arrangements should receive careful consideration. In this context, the warrant of precedence in respect of Members of Parliament and Members of the State Assembly should be kept in mind.

6(iv)  Special care should be taken to see that intimation about a function is given well in time regarding the date, time, venue, etc of the function/meeting. Every effort should be made to detrmine the convenience of elected members before convening meetings.


7(i) Letters from Members of Parliament/State legislatures must be promptly acknowledged and reply sent at an appropriate level expeditiously.

7(ii) Relevant extracts of the Manual of Procedure (enclosed for ready reference) should be observed.

7(iii) Information or statistics relating to matters of local importance should be finished to MPs/MLAs whenever asked for. If delay of more than 10 days in furnishing the information is likely to take place, an interim reply should inevitably be furnished indicating the date by which the information whould be made available.

7(iv) If the request is to be refused, instructions of higher authority should be taken. The elected representative must then be informed about the inability to furnished the information.


8. The presentation of names of official and non-official members of boards/corporations etc should follow the method of dual lists. the official and non-official members should not be listed above or below one another. On the other hand, the names of officials should be listed in one column and those of non-official members in a separate one.

9. The above instructions are to be adhered to strictly and Government expects senior officers to lead by example.

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