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Provision in DCS ACT, 2003

Right to Information.
(1) Any member or creditor having interest in the affairs of the co-operative society may seek information relating to any transaction of the co-operative society and for that purpose may be provided a certified copy of any document within thirty days from the date of receipt of application relating to such transaction on payment of such fee as may be specified.
(2) Where a member or creditor having interest in affairs of a society seeking information prefers an appeal to the Registrar stating that the officer of the society without any reasonable cause, has refused to receive his application for providing information or has not furnished information within the time specified under sub-section (1) or has refused the request for information or knowingly given incorrect information or obstructed in any manner in furnishing the information, the Registrar, after affording a reasonable opportunity of being heard to the officer of the society and the appellant, may either reject the appeal; or direct the officer of the society to furnish information within the period specified in the order or such extended period as may be allowed, and in case of default the Registrar may impose a penalty of two hundred and fifty rupees each day till the information is furnished, so however, the total amount of such penalty shall not exceed ten thousand rupees which shall be recoverable as arrears of land revenue in case of default in payment.
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