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List of household Electrical Appliances
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List of household Electrical Appliances

S.No. Household Electrical Appliances Standard
1. Electrical immersion water heaters IS:368-1992
2. Storage type automatic electric water heaters IS:2082-1993
3. Switch for domestic similar purpose IS:3854-1988
4. Elastomer insulated cables up to 1.1 KV (Part – I ) IS: 9968-1988
5. Elastomer insulated cables (3.3 to 11 KV) IS: 9968-1981
6. PVC insulated cables for working voltage upto and including 1100 V IS: 694- 1990
7. Polythene insulated cables for working voltage upto and including 1100 V IS: 1596-1977
8. Electric iron IS: 366-1991
9. Electric Stove IS: 2994-1992
10. Electric Hot Plate IS: 365-1993
11. Domestic electric food mixers, blenders and Grinders IS: 4250-1980
12. Electric Toaster IS: 1287-1993
13. Electric Coffee Percolators (Non regulated type) IS: 3514-1966
14. Electric kettles and jugs for household and similar IS: 367-1993
15. Domestic electric clothes washing machines for household use IS: 6390-1992
16. Electric radiators IS: 369-1992
17. Electric Water boiler IS: 3412-1994
18. Mains operated electric Hair dryers IS: 7154-1994
19. Mains operated electric shavers IS:5159-1969
20. Domestic electric cooking over IS: 5790-1985
21 Steam iron IS: 6290-1986
22. Flexible electric heating pads for domestic use IS: 5161-1969
23. Portable hand held mains operated electric Massagers IS: 7137-1973
24. Portable low speed food grinding machine IS: 7603-1975
25. Appliance connectors & appliance inlets (Non-Reversable 3 – pn type) appliance connectors (Part-I) IS: 3010-1965
26. Appliance connectors & appliance inlets (Non-Reversable 3-pin type) appliance inlets (Part-II) IS: 3010-1965
27. Thermostats for use with electric water heater IS: 3017-1985
28. Cartridge type heating elements (Non-embedded) IS: 3724-1966
29. Resistance wires, tapes & strips for heating elements IS: 3725-1966
30. Solid embedded type electric heating element IS: 4158-1985
31. Mineral filed sheathed heating element IS: 4159-1983
32. Thermostat for general purposes electric ovens IS: 4165-1991
33. Mica insulated heating element IS: 6446-1991
34. 2-amp switches for domestic and similar purpose IS:4949-1968
35. Portable Lamp stands and brackets IS: 3481-1966
36. 3-pin plug and socket outlets IS: 1293-1988
37. Three pin plug made of resilient material IS: 6538-1971
38. Bayonet Lamp holder IS: 1258-1987
39. Electric instantaneous water heater IS: 8978-1992
40. Single walled baking oven IS: 8985-1978
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