Guidelines issued by Central Vigilance Commission

Directorate of Vigilance
Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi

Complaint Handling Policy
  1. Each complaint received in the Directorate of Vigilance (Vigilance Division/Anti Corruption Branch) shall be given a unique number. The unique number may be given manually till the time the software is fully ready to generate computerized number.

  2. Each complaint shall be examined thoroughly by the C.V.O. or any officer/official authorized by the C.V.O. or by any such Committee constituted for the purpose in Directorate of Vigilance.

  3. Complaints shall be examined to carefully ascertain;
    1. if they contain any vigilance angle;
    2. if contents of the complaint are verifiable;
    3. if the complaints are anonymous / pseudonymous.

  4. Vigilance angle in the complaint shall be examined in the light of the relevant provisions of the CVC Manual, which defines the vigilance angle.

  5. Complaints containing vague, non-verifiable/general allegations may either be filed at the level of the Directorate or forwarded to the concerned departments for action as deemed fit.

  6. In accordance with instructions issued by the Central Vigilance Commission vide letter dated 31.1.2002 and reiterated vide letter dated 11.10.2002, complaints which are anonymous/pseudonymous shall be filed.

  7. To ascertain that complaint is pseudonymous, efforts shall be made to contact the complainant either by sending a letter to him on the address given in the complaint or to contact him on telephone if such number is mentioned in the complaint. Further action shall be taken only after confirmation is obtained that a particular person had made a particular complaint.

  8. The identity and details of the complainant shall as far as possible be kept secret unless the complainant has himself chosen to reveal his identity.

  9. If the complaint contains any vigilance angle and the allegations are verifiable but the complaint is anonymous / pseudonymous, further action for enquiry in such cases shall be taken only after prior permission from the Central Vigilance Commission.

  10. Local newspapers also carry items relating to corruption. A large number of such clippings are received. Such clippings / items may not be taken as anonymous / pseudonymous complaints. These shall be examined closely and minutely.

  11. References made by CVC either under PIDR or otherwise shall be accorded special attention and enquiry completed within the time frame suggested by the Commission.

  12. Depending on the nature and scope of the complaint, a period of not more than 3 months shall be taken to complete the investigation / inquiry.

  13. Inquiry / investigation report in the complaint shall be submitted strictly in accordance with the format suggested.
Deputy Chief Minister
Manish Sisodia
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