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The Bombay Lifts ACT - 1939
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Notification for grant of Certificate Competency Class-I and Class-II Licences to Electrical Contractors in the National Capital Territory of Delhi
Notification for voltage upto 33 KV for the purpose of selfcertification for new and existing electrical installations
Annexure H (FORM-A)

Application for the permission to erect a lift
(To be submitted to the Inspector of Lifts, Delhi)

1. Name and Address of the Applicant _________________________________________
2. Name and Address of the agent if any
3. Whether a licence have been previously issued (Details to be given) _________________________________________
4. Name of the firm installing Lift _________________________________________
5. Type of the Lifts proposed to be erected (a sketch of the lift and erection plan should be attached) _________________________________________
6. The rate & maximum speed of the lift _________________________________________
7. The makers designers rated capacity in weight _________________________________________
8. The total weight of the lift cage carrying the maximum load _________________________________________
9. The maximum number of passengers in addition to the lift operator which the car can carry _________________________________________
10. The weight of the counter weight
11. The number of description weight and size of the supporting cable _________________________________________
12. The depth of the pit from lowest part of the lift cage at lowest floor _________________________________________
13. Top and bottom clearance _________________________________________
14. Details of the construction of the overhead arrangement with the weight and size of the beam _________________________________________
15. No. of stops _________________________________________
16. Situation where the lift is to be erected _________________________________________


Dated: (Name, signature & designation
of authorized Signatory/Owner)


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