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Welcome to the Delhi Fire Services
Sh. A.K. Sharma
Director-Delhi Fire Services

Delhi Fire Service came into existence in the year 1942 after amalgamation of 2 fire stations, which were separately functioning under the control of Delhi Municipal Committee and New Delhi Municipal Committee. After the World War-II, the establishment of Delhi Fire Service was approved as a provincial force.

At that time, Delhi Fire Service had in all 4 fire stations with 14 appliances and total staff numbering to 186 only. The administrative control of Delhi Fire Service, which was previously with Municipal Corporation of Delhi, rests with the Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi since 10th November, 1994. The fire service continues to make sincere endeavour by responding to approx 22000 fire/rescue calls per annum on an average to serve the people of the National Capital Territory of Delhi with the sole motto ‘WE SERVE TO SAVE’.
1. Fire Service is one of the most essential services of an organised society.    2. A Small Care---- Fire Rare.   3. Fire Catches, SO Don't Play With Matches   4. Fire that are small, soon will be tall!   5. Crawl down low, when it's time to go!   6. Get out quick, before the smoke gets thick!   7. Never hide, stay outside!   8. If you are on fire, STOP, DROP and ROLL quickly.   9. Learn not to burn.   10. Fire is a good servant but a bad master.   11. Whatever burns never returns.   12. Think of fire before it starts.   13. Kill fire before it kills you.   14. Carelessness is the biggest cause of fire.   15. Electrical safety leads to fire safety.
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